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Russ Page loves to ride his mountain bike more than he does his road bike, but it's okay because he still loves it as well. He is co-founder of Fifty Studio, a web site design company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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18 Reasons We Can’t Wait Until Summer


We can’t wait for summer. Triathlons. Swimming. Mountain Biking. Tour de France. Road bike rides with friends. Sunsets. The whole gamut.

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Extreme Unicycling


We’ll stick to bikes with two wheels.

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Danny Macaskill Never Disappoints


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Try the Fezzari 801 Freeride.





The ‘Cliffs of Insanity’ on a Mountain Bike


The following video doesn’t depict the actual Cliffs of Insanity as featured in the movie The Princess Bride, but this ride has cliffs and they are insane. The real Cliffs of Insanity (real name is the Cliffs of Moher) are featured in a previous article we wrote called the 8 Most Dangerous Mountain Biking Trails in the World. The mountain trail in the video below probably needs to be added to the list.

Does full-suspension even make a difference here?

The Health Benefits of Biking


The United States is a car country. We drive everywhere, and we all pay the price: transportation alone accounts for 20 percent of the family budget and is the second biggest cost after housing. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t just kill our pockets, either — it kills us. Research has proven that swapping out driving in favor of biking can have incredible health results.

The Two-Wheeled Key to Better Health and a Better World

  • 15 percent of asthma cases are linked to living close to major roads.
  • The average person will lose 13 pounds in their first year of riding a bike to work.
  • 20 bikes can be parked in the same space as one car.
  • Portland leads the U.S. in bike commuters with nearly 6 percent commuting.
  • Portland, Oregon’s investment in cycling is expected to save it $400 million in healthcare costs by 2040.

Biking And Health
Created by: Healthcare Management Degree

Worldwide Obesity Statistics and Trends

Worldwide Obesity Statistics and Trends


We found this infographic on worldwide obesity statistics to be a little eye opening, so as you gnaw down those holiday treats, keep in mind what it takes to work off that extra pound or two of Pumpkin Pie and candy canes. The writer personally lost 15 pounds by eating healthier foods and exercising. What kind of exercise? Cycling of course. What’s your favorite post-holiday exercise?

Worldwide Obesity Statistics and Trends

I personally lost 15 pounds by changing my diet and riding a bicycle. You can too.





Canyons Bike Park Video Makes Us Miss Summer Already


Canyons Resort in Park City Utah broke ground on a new bike park in mid summer 2011. After 2 months of building they already had 3 trails finished, and more in the works. Chris Van Dine, Eric Porter, and some other local pro’s and shredders take advantage of what the resort has to offer and get a glimpse into the future of the bike park.

Why You Don’t Use Aerobars on Group Rides.


It’s not the smartest of ideas to ride a paceline or in groups with people who are using aerobars. Do you see where the problem started?

This guy is lucky he didn’t have a worse crash while riding with his aerobars in a group. It’s just plain dangerous because your hands aren’t near your breaks when you do.


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