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Photo By Dave Wright Photography

Cody Gessel Teva Games 2011


So it all started last week on Wednesday after noon. had you told me I was going to Teva I would have called you a liar. Practice was on Thursday and I had no real intentions on going. Well, Wednesday night at about midnight I decided to skip work and go. I packed up and left early Thursday morning. I got there on Thursday evening with a few hours of practice left. But do to high winds I only got a few runs in. Luckily the course was pretty simple and had a fun flow to it. Curto from Geax Tires was awesome enough to let me stay in the Geax manor with a whole bunch of other people. Thanks man! The place was super nice and we enjoyed a super good meal Thursday night. Then Friday morning was time to get a little more serious, I haven’t been spending much time doing tricks lately since I’ve been off the bike a bit with a few injuries. I started trying to get a few tricks back and just be original. By the time qualifiers were supposed to get started I had my run all planned out. My Fezzari 801 was riding awesome!  My first run I screwed up just a little bit and had to straight air one jump, which hurt me a little. I had no idea where I was standing so my 2nd run I decided to switch it up and try a little bit harder run. Well…I made another small mistake off the first double but still managed to save the rest of the run. After a long wait and a little bit of confusion I found myself with 17th place, the last spot in the finals. I was super stoked! Unfortunately my brake was having troubles and kept slowly losing power throughout the day. Luckily it held just enough for me to brake in the one section I needed it. My first run I put together really solid and I was really happy with it. My 2nd run I had a harder run planned but crashed on the first double and that was it. 2nd run everyone really stepped up their game and I ended up coming out of finals with 14th place. I was really happy and stoked on my own and everyone else riding. So that left the high jump/best trick contest left. There was $750 up for grabs to whoever threw down. I started out with one of the first tricks of the night and did a flip table. I almost crashed but it was good enough for a little of the money. Knowing I had nothing else to offer I decided to go for the hundred dollar prize of knocking over the high jump pole. Right off the lip I ditched my bike and tried to grab on to the pole. I ended just slamming into it and getting flung off onto my head. It was pretty funny but definitely a stupid idea, haha. (see the video here) So with that I decided to call it a day and beat up and tired it was time to end the day. I woke up the next morning and decided to drive home and spend the rest of the weekend in Utah. I’m super stoked I decided to go and thanks to everyone that helped me out! Fezzari bikes, Demon dirt, VP components, Spank Components, and Division 26!

Photo By Dave Wright PhotographyPhoto by Dave Wright Photography

Trying to Take Down the Pole

Beeson tests Prototype DH Bike


It’s been awhile since I have posted here, I will try to keep up on it more often. Recent news is that myself and Damon Kirtchmeier are testing a prototype DH bike. I just finished my build and as I write this I’m getting ready to head for Bootleg Canyon(Las vegas) for the Nevada state Championships. I’m looking forward to getting on the new bike and doing some testing. It looks and feels amazing so far. I will post my findings as well as some pictures as soon as I can. And while I’m gone, enjoy the snow.

The New Guy


Here I am, the new guy racing downhill for Fezzari in 2011. I’ll be racing several series in the NW aboard the 2011 Widows Peak DH frame.

I’ve got it almost all the way built for winter training and I’ve got to say this bike is SICK. Look for me at the Fluidride Cup series, the NW Cup, the Blackrock FlowCup, and some Super-D style endurance downhill races. I’ll also be spending time helping to maintain and build trails in my area this year as well. I’ll have pictures and stories/updates regularly so check back often. See you on the trails.

One One Hundredth of a Second(0.01)


Hey, Kade Salisbury here. So the Utah Downhill Race Series as come to an end with the last race at Brian Head Resort in Southern Utah a week ago. And I must say it most definitely didn’t disappoint. The course was absolutley a pure adrenalin rush and being set at 11.000 ft overlooking Cedar Breaks adds a spectacular view, not to mention it’s quite literally breath taking. Haha. It’s crazy what an effect it has on one’s body. Fortunately, the body was prepared for the challenge. Which looking at the weeks prior I’m suprised I’m still in one piece. Fortunately I survived at Nationals in Sol Vista, Colorado. The week after racing at Nationals I was off to Canada for my3rd annual Whistler trip. I only went over the bars once up there, But managed to survive. The week after B.C. I was off to race up in Pomerelle, Id. where I sorta hit a tree up there, ok I pretty much nailed a tree booking it with my shoulder on the first day of practice. I’d say the tree won, but I feel I fought a good fight. Haha. But I ended up winning 2nd place the next day.So I was stoked on that. A week after Idaho I was off to my parents cabin down in central/southern Utah at Fishlake. That is where I tried my hand at sailing. Yeah Yeah. It’s been a dream of my sister to pick up sailing and this year she did just that. So I went sailing with her, and talk about a rush. We about went over board a time or two, but it was a blast and I didn’t die. The week after risking my life at sailing I was off to risk my life in the final Utah Downhill Series Race at Brian Head resort. Now usually these DH races are on Sunday, but this was actually on Saturday thus shortening practice time, so I had to make due. I made my trip on Friday and was able to get some good practice in. All went well… As for race day it was a bit different. I ended up meeting up with fellow Fezzari rider Robbie Bamgartner and we took a couple practice runs together before our final race runs, I believe it was 2nd or 3rd run down this course when I was following Robbie and all I saw was him bookin it as always. But he got caught up in some rocks and totally got ejected. So he ended up going down in a nice jagged rocky part of the trail, and somehow one of the rocks entered in his helmet and managed to do some damage. He had a tore up lip with blood on his neck anda nice wound to his elbow which didn’t look fun at all. I believe it took 20 to 30 stitches to fix him up, so he didn’t get to race the downhill. An hour or two later it was time… So this is where it went down. Off the line I was feeling good, I managed to put down a solid first run until I got to the last corner to the finish. This was a corner I’ve yet to practice due to the fact that there is a car to jump over if you go straight instead of taking this corner. So I ended up taking a bit to much speed into it and I just remember breaking loose probably 7-8 feet before the finish line. Luckily I made it across but kinda in the wrong direction. I had pulled off a sweet 180 skid though for a out of the ordinary finish. Now I believe that is what costed me. So I had a time of 3.31.69 and i was sitting in 2nd place. I was just hoping now that I could improve my 2nd run time and that no one would improve on my time. Little did I know that someone would end up getting the exact same time on their 2ndrun as me. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? So I ended up tied for second place. This wasn’t how I envisioned it. It turns out that we got our overall points for the race andI was a mere 1 point from taking Silver in the state. Thus if I was only one one hundredth of a second faster it would have put me second, Landon 3rd, and Kade Salisbury (aka myself) In 2nd place behind the National Champion Spencer Mehr. But I’m happy to say the body survived, and my bike the Widows Peak did awesome, as for my brain, it is hangin in there. But I’m looking forward to a few more races this season and doing some late summer/Fall biking. Peace out.

Xterra Mountain Regional Championships


My amazing parents decided they wanted to sponsor me for this race. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!
My husband and I got to Avon, (next to Vail) Colorado on Friday evening just in time for packet pick-up. I check out both transitions since there were two, we set up our pop-up trailer and cooked dinner on our little gas stove. I woke in the morning so excited to be racing again and the fact that it was an Xterra added that much more excitement. I went out and rode my bike on a paved trail and my doggy accompanied me. That was fun until he got a little freaked out for me (he thinks he’s my guardian) and started barking and stopping right in front of me trying to force me to stop. I took him back to Bobby and went out again. I ran the same trail and felt pretty good although my butt muscles have been tighter than tight ever since I started riding a triathlon bike. I guess I’m still just not used to it (a solid winter of training on it should do the trick!) I think I was a little nervous for my race because I couldn’t force the food down. I decided to just go and set up for my transitions rather than waste time forcing myself to eat and running the risk of throwing up :)
The Swim
Wow I don’t know if it was because it was a regional championship that qualified racers for Xterra Worlds and USA triathlon Cross Worlds or what but people were more aggressive than I have ever seen. People were throwing elbows around the buoys and just being flat out aggressive and mean. Yikes! I tried to avoid a black eye and focus on spotting the buoys. I got out and jumped on my bike. Since the course starts at 8,000 feet I could feel it in my lungs and legs. The course starts on a paved road that takes you to the dirt and from then on it is straight up. Literally. You keep climbing and climbing and climbing…you get the idea. The bike course for those of you who care has an elevation gain of 3,600 feet in 15.5 miles! Craziness. I was passing herds of people at a time. I asked one guy if I could pass at some point and he just laughed and said “we all want to pass but there’s no way you’re going to pass this line of people” I pulled right over and rode right beside the trail in the tall weeds and passed 15 people right there. That’s how you pass a line of people I guess. After that a super fast chick passed me. What is this? I don’t get passed by girls on a mountain bike! I decided I better stick with her because the rate that she was riding I knew we were going to be in the overall win for amateurs. I stuck with her the entire climb. Almost 12 miles of climbing on a mountain bike did I stay with her. Ahhhh for the downhill…that is until I flatted! :( Very disappointed I pulled over and used my “Big Air” Co2 cartridge (I was really, really grateful we spent an hour before leaving town driving to every bike shop in Utah Valley to find one! Anyway, this had ignited a flame in me and I rode the next couple of steep climbs as hard as I could passing back some of the girls that had passed me. I rode the descents taking risks trying to find that fast chick that I rode with the whole course. No such luck. I came in to T2 3rd amateur female and was a minute behind 1st and 2nd. I ran hard but knew that I didn’t have much more than what I was doing. The run has an elevation gain of 1,300 feet…pretty epic for 5.75 miles. I stayed in this position and finished in 3rd Overall. I was happy with my results.
And for my other exciting news…I applied for my Off-Road Triathlon pro license and was accepted. So now I get to do Nationals and Worlds without having to travel to 4 races to qualify! Yay! I’m so excited! I know that my bike times will be so much faster just based on the fact that I get to be in the first wave that starts. It’s a huge disadvantage when a super fast biker like myself has to start behind 400 people and try to pass them on single track trails. I’m ready mentally and physically to finally race pro. I can’t wait for Nats!

Rock Cliff Triathlon Overall Win


I cannot believe that I have waited this long to post about my favorite race that I did this summer! Rock Cliff triathlon held on June 26 at Jordanelle.
I signed up for US Trisports 3 deal package. Rock Cliff was the second race of the series for me. Ammie and I went up to pre-ride the bike course the week before. We rode it twice just so that we got a good feel for it and then slapped on our running shoes to pre-run the course. I couldn’t figure out from the map where the run went so I just ran up the highway and thought “another boring road tri run course”, I miss my gnarly xterra courses where they make you run through river crossings, along pipes, straight up hills that you look at and think “I wouldn’t even want to hike that”.
Race morning was beautiful and sunny. The air temp was a little cold and the water was a little colder than I prefer. So I decided to put my toe warmers on my shoes and those instant hand warmer packs in each of the toes. Brilliant! I loved this so much!
The swim went well, when I got out Bobby told me I was in about 15th. The bike course is so much fun and so beautiful, but I wasn’t gaining on my competitors like I wanted to. I hadn’t passed more than 7 or 8 girls until the turn around when I saw the leaders and I was only a couple minutes behind them. I knew I was riding fast and that I could catch up and hopefully pass them by the time we got back to transition. I said to myself the entire ride back “go Erin go. go Erin go.” Haha a little self motivation for ya. I passed several of the girls and got to T2 in 4th place.
The run. I felt so incredibly good running it was crazy. I passed 2 girls on the first lap. As I ran by the finish to start my second lap my husband ran with me and told me that 2nd (Leslie Howlett) was 30 seconds ahead and 1st was 1 minute ahead, “you can get them hun!” he cheered. About 3/4 of a mile later I caught up to Leslie. She told me 1st was wearing gray and wasn’t that far ahead. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. The course was hilly and had some dirt trails. MMmmm me likey dirt! I take back what I said about the course when I was pre-running the course :) I saw the first place gal and knew I had her, but time was running out…we were only less than a mile to the finish. I kicked it into turbo and ran past her only to finish 30 seconds later. Close race! I was sooo over-joyed.
Someone had told my husband before the race “Erin’s lucky because no one super fast has shown up so she’ll probably win” They ate their words a minute later when “fast” people did show up and said “oh dang, never mind”. If I wouldv’e known this before the race I would’ve raced even harder to prove them wrong.
I also turned out the fastest female run of the day by almost 3 minutes! It was a good day!
Sorry no pics

Battle at Midway Race Report by Erin Collins


Warning: If you get weirded out by emotional females then this is not for you to read. JK it’s not that bad, just a little long.

When I signed up for Battle at Midway (BAM) I was so excited for it I could hardly stand it. I went up 2 weeks ago and pre-rode the course 2 times back to back. I fell in love with the course and am convinced it is the best bike course for a triathlon in Utah. It is a little bit hilly (hills suite my long skinny body best) and has some fast rolling down hills and is completely gorgeous! Anyway, somehow between 2 weeks ago and now I have fallen into a bit of a slump (physically). My muscles ache pretty much all day long the only time I feel okay is when I’m excersing…go figure. I literally will complain about feeling like I have the flue because of how bad my body hurts and then will force myself to go run or ride and WALLA! I feel better! Then once I’m done exercising I feel worse than I did before I went out. I also have had some really emotional disappointing things that I’ve been through this summer and I haven’t dealt with them. This week was the climax for my emotional roller coaster that I’ve been on. So with the body aches and the stressors I didn’t feel like doing anything all week. I swam once, which was a joke. I rode my bike for 20 minutes on friday and I ran once this week.

This morning

When I woke up this morning I’m not going to lie…I absolutely did not want  to race, but since I paid a lot of money for it I figured I’d better get the best out of it. When we got up there at 6am I laid my seat back and just wanted to sleep. I forced myself to go for a run warm up.

The swim

I had a good first 3/4 of lap one. The last 1/4 I couldn’t tell which buoy I needed to go around so I sat up and called for one of the canoorers (they are there to be sort of course marshals) he canoed over to me…yes I was just sitting there in the water waiting for him to come over to me. I asked him directions and continued to swim hoping that it was the right direction of the buoy he had just pointed out. I’m telling you, when the sun shines and reflects off the lake you CANNOT see anything. I pretty much wanted to cry right there out of frustration. Then I heard yelling and whistling  so I sat up again thinking I had chosen the wrong way to swim…I hadn’t it was just my cute husband cheering for me :) . Finally I’m on my second loop. I totally veered off course and had to swim and extra 50-75 meters. Believe me, I need all the help I can get in the swim. Again, I just wanted to cry. I though “there goes my race”. Little did I know that this wouldn’t be the last time I went off course. I did it again on the final buoy. I know what you’re thinking, “aren’t you a professional off-road triathlon racer?” the answer is yes I am and no I’m not racing like one. I got out of the swim and my hubby tells me I’m the 19th female out of the water. “What!?” I ask. “19th!” I decide to ask again hoping I miss heard him and that this time he would tell me 9th. 9th I can handle, I have such fast times for biking and running that I can make up that time and many times end up in 1st. “19th Erin!” Oh flip, I heard right the other 2 times.

The bike

I luckily felt great on the bike! I passed probably 100 people and just felt like I was flying. My Fezzari T3 bike was amazing as always. Nothing much to report about the bike except that I came in 8th female, so I had passed 11 gals…not bad, but not good enough for me.

The run

I started off and felt like a slug, a peppy slug, but non-the-less a slug. I started breathing so hard and loudly that the guys I was coming up on to pass actually turned to check me out and make sure I wasn’t about to die. As I ran past them I wondered if they were asking themselves how someone who was breathing this hard was passing them. I passed 4 girls on the first lap. Sweet for how crappy I felt. Then the emotional stressors that I’ve been going through hit me and I actually started thinking about them. Let me tell you what emotional stress plus exercise does to me. It makes me asthmatic. This is not good. I saw Leslie Howlett who was about 3 minutes ahead of me and thought to myself “you can get her!”  Then these stupid thoughts kept creeping up and I had to keep warding off and asthma attack. “Erin! Focus yourself! I’ll deal with that stuff later.” What is wrong with me. My run slowed down and my breathing increased. I just needed to finish this race and start my road to recovering my body from too much racing and training. Then the last 1/2 mile a girl that I had passed flew by me. Literally I felt like I was walking. Bobby was there cheering me on which always boosts me up. But even still I couldn’t do anything but keep slowing down. This type of run course is my thing too. It’s hilly and hot. The more suffering the better for me. I can push through the heat like it’s nobody’s business. Well not today. I broke out in chills all over my body. Not good.

The results

I crossed the finish line in 5th place. I’m definitely proud of myself for hangin in there and for keeping my emotions at bay so I didn’t breakout in an asthma attack and have to be carried off the course.

3rd, 4th and 5th (me) place were all within 30 seconds of each other.

My good friend Sarah Jarvis that I’ve known from racing for the last 7 years won the females race. I’m so happy for her especially because she’s the nicest racer any of us know!

The breakdown

Well I went home walked straight upstairs and took a shower. I forced myself to cry. Yes I have to force myself since it’s a pretty rare thing for this girl. I wasn’t crying over the race, the race was just kind of the breaking point. I just needed to let go and face the things I’ve been putting off for so long. I am excited to take this week off and chill. After I’m rested up starts my training for Xterra nationals. I can’t wait to start mountain biking and trail running I can hardly stand it! :D   I think that this race taught me a very good lesson. Don’t over train and over race. I will get burned out. I always think I’ll be fine, but I end up paying for it. Balance is essential. A positive mind is essential for success, but sometimes you’ve just got to let it go and have a breakdown. Don’t hold things in! They will come out in some form or another…injury, fatigue, asthma attacks :) , etc.

p.s. I’m sorry about the grammar errors. I don’t feel like going back and checking for them!

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