2009 Season Wrap Up


I can’t believe that the 2009 season is already at the end. It seems that we were just scrambling to put the finishing touches on the ’09 Fezzari Widows Peak with some new prototype suspension changes. The new frame was back from heat treat just in time to put it together for the Utah DH series opener at Sundance. The bike perfromed exactly like we knew it would from the CAD analysis and I won the opening round. The next round was held in my back yard in Bountiful, Utah. I felt pretty good with this one since I could practically ride that course with my eyes shut. Well, mother nature threw a wrench into things and I got to test that theory as I was not prepared for rain and I was blinded by mud two hundred yards into the race. I did the best I could riding by memory and still managed a second place finish.

The next race was the US National Championships in beautiful Sol Vista Colorado. This was my first time to that venue and I had heard lots of good things. Sol Vista did not disappoint. The downhill was long, fast, and scary. It had some super fast off-camber sweeper turns, a few good rock sections and more than one huge gap jump.


There was one in particular that I had to spend some time on.  I was about a 30 foot step down double in the middle of the woods with a blind landing.  This was bad enough but the entrance consisted of two log drops  and a short rock garden that you had to keep good momentum through.  If you made it, you then had to pedal with all your might and push off hard to make the landing which was lined with pine trees on both sides.  It was definately scary.  On my race run, I had a good start and came through clean and made that big step down.  I had a real clean run until about 2/3rds of the way down when I got stuck in a rut and came to a complete stop

.  I got back up to speed immediately but lost some precious time.  Through the finish – close but not fast enough, bronze medal finish.  The mountaincross course was equally as challenging with tough jumps and tricky multiple lines.  I qualified second and held that position in eliminations finishing with a silver.

We ran up to Wyoming next for two races in two days.  I showed up late on Saturday and had to race on no practice and finished 3rd.  Sunday’s race went better on another course and I won that one.  The next race in the series was Pomerelle in Idaho for another two races in two days.  This is one of my favorite venues and I went two for two on the weekend.  Flyin’ Brian was the series finale in Brian Head, Utah.  This was a fast and demanding course with slippery dirt and rocks galore.  More than one racer decided not to take their optional second run to not risk injuy.  I crashed on both of my runs but still managed to pull off a win and with that, I won the series.

Overall, I would say that it was a pretty good season.  Now we are busy designing the 2010 Widows to see if we can do even better.

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