Triathlete Heath Thurston Bio


Heath Thurston grew up swimming. He earned great accolades during his High School years. After his first blissful year of marriage, Heath had gained 50 pounds and in 2001 started doing triathlons as a way to get back in shape.

By 2004 he won almost every race he entered and decided that he might have found what he was looking for in a career. Although it has not always been easy, Heath has stuck with his dream to pursue triathlons professionally. Heath will enter his third full season as a professional triathlete in 2010. He rides the Fezzari T5 triathlon bicycle and loves how fast and aerodynamic the bike is, but also says it is the most comfortable bike he has ever been on.

Some of his personal bests are 4:14 Austin Half Iron Man and 9:26 Florida Iron Man. He has had his share of ups and downs in races and training but he expects 2010 to be the best season yet. He loves everything about triathlon, his wife teases that once you get him talking about triathlon, you might never get him to stop!

In addition to racing as a professional he also coaches many outstanding athletes and helps businesses achieve employee wellness.

  1. Your first triathlon is going to be tough. Their is no way to sugar coat it. Go into it with the goal of haivng fun and finishing it. Focus on your strengths. Running. Run 4-5 times a week and mix 2-4 days of biking in there. Make sure you do some brick workouts (ie. bike and then run workout right afterwords). Mix in some swim training when you can, and make sure your comfortable in open water (lake, ponds, river). This is prob more important than actually being good at swimming. Also, practice your transitions (taking off wetsuit, getting on bike, putting on running shoes), you can save alot of time, just by being good in between the swim, bike, and run.The training program you mentioned is decent, but it depends on what the distance of the triathlon is. Sprint Distance, Olympic Distance, other? I would personally always take one day off a week. I also don\’t substitute strength workout for a cardio workout, because the cardio is much more important in triathlon. The min amount of time you should spend training each time on the bike is 1hr, run 30-45min, and swim 30min.Hope this helps.

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