Spring training


I have been doing my best to get in some spring training, but this weather just wont cooperate. I’ve been on a bike at least 4 days a week but that just doesn’t seem to be enough so Saturday I went out for a simple training ride on my T3 Tri Bike to get ready for some upcoming triathlons and well…. I just kept riding and riding. I was headed into a major headwind on my way to Mona from Provo and boy was i glad to have my T3. My poor training partner was on his road bike and just couldn’t keep up. True it is partly because he is just not as fast as me but when i would drop into aero position it was as he said; i had “turned the afterburners on”.

We chose to alter our route to catch a bit of a tail wind and turned our efforts to Utah Lake and the sweet push on our backs was a welcome treat… for about 11 miles then wouldn’t you know it, the wind switched and we were facing the same battle. What a great training day. I was able to put 100 miles on my T3 facing the most grueling conditions. I loved it.

We have been Mt Biking too, in the snow. Infact, the Weekly races at Sundance and Soldier Hollow are getting into full swing though this weeks at Sundance got pushed a day due to snow

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