1st place @ Sundance Spin ICUP


What a beautiful day it was at Sundance, the trails were in great condition (despite a few wet spots), and the competition was great. There were around 300 competitors, kids to Pros (I’m talking world circuit Xterra winners) at the race and the battle was set to be great.

After the race took off I settled into 3rd position. About 5 minutes into the race I realized I had more in the tank than the 2 girls in front of me so I asked them to let me pass (passing on this section of trail is impossible unless the rider pulls over). After I passed them I just kept ticking off male riders in front of me. I put a good distance of about 30 seconds from me and the second place rider up to the top of the climb. After the descent I had gained another 20 seconds on her. I rode the final 2 laps in first place. It was a great race and, I had so much fun being back in the scene of mountain bike racing! I can’t wait to do the next one which will be the Stans Crane Memorial ICUP in Draper.

1st at Sundance spin

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