Timp 1/2 Marathon & Daybreak Triathlon


Last weekend (May 22nd) I raced in the Timp Half Marathon. I had been excited for months for this race. I really wanted to do well since I have been waiting for years for the opportunity to race a trail half-marathon. Trails and uphills are my specialty so I wasn’t going to pass this up! Race day I woke up to it snowing….snow turned to rain…and right before the race began the precipitation stopped.

I started out really slow because I knew I had plenty of uphills to put time on my competitors. At mile 2 I was in first place with second place on my tail. The trails were so incredibly muddy that it made it hard to run without rolling my ankles. I slipped and fell right on my tail bone down one of switchbacks. I had to be very careful of my every foot step so I wouldn’t sprain an ankle. Long story short, I had a great race and ended up coming in the first overall female and was tickled to death!

I don’t know what it is about me and racing in freezing temperatures but this year has been very generous in this matter. If you know me at all you’ll know that I’m chronically cold. It could be 80 degrees outside and I’ll insist on wearing my puffy coat. What’s worse is that I HATE to be cold. So today the weather decided to test my mental strength and see how I’d race after swimming in 56 degrees and hopping on my bike and wearing close to nothing in 55 degree cloudy weather. I can’t even begin to tell you how much snot I lost today. I was completely miserable on the bike, I could barely use my hands to shift gears up or down. There were only 3 tiny little climbs on the course and I enjoyed every second of them. It finally gave me a chance to get some blood flowing to my feet and hands. I rode as hard as I’ve ever ridden in a road Tri race. I pushed it as hard as I could every second because I had 16 females to catch up to after the swim! By the end of the bike I had passed 13 girls. The run was pretty uneventful except for the fact that my feet were completely numb. They stayed that way until part way through the 2nd lap and at this point I began to have the pins and needles sensation. I don’t think I got full sensation back until 10 minutes after my race ended 🙂 I passed another female on the run.


  • I love how fast my T3 tri bike is! I feel like I’m flying when I’m on it! I do need to wok on building the proper muscles so I can go even faster! I’ve only done a handful of rides/races on a tri bike and the different muscle use versus a mountain bike is dramatic!
  • Road tri’s are so easy compared to Xterra’s! They’re shorter and just plain easier!


  • Super long time in-between racer meeting and start of the race….like 45 minutes 🙁
  • Freeeeeezing on the bike ride!
  • Results: 2nd Overall Olympic Female

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