Dave Beeson 1st @Triple dip DH Sol Vista Colorado


I just got back from the Triple Dip DownHill stage race in Sol Vista Colorado. For any of you that have not ridden Sol Vista I highly recommend that you road trip out and enjoy the amazing mountain that they have made into one of the best mountain bike parks in the nation. The Three stages where all Down hill with one chainless race in the middle, and all combined times determined the winners.

My first race I had a great run and ended up Second overall with the fastest Vet Pro time. In the chainless race I had a small fall and ended up .03 seconds behind the stage winner for the day, and it gave me a 8 second lead over second place my division. On the third stage I won by .15 seconds and held on for the win in my division, and I ended up 8th overall (pro). If only i had not crashed.

I had a great weekend and my Fezzari Widows Peak downhill bike kept me going fast, and got me down the hill fast. Thanks to Chris, and all the guys at Fezzari for the help and I will report soon.

Next up = Wolf Mountain 6 hour enduro downhill. Where I happen to be the defending Champion.

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