Is it Time to Show Your Bike Chain a Little Love?


Is it time to show your chain a little love?

Have you ever been riding your favorite trail and it seems like that awful squeak coming from your chain is going to break your eardrums? Let’s face it, without a chain your bike would be nothing more than a hunk of metal hanging in your garage. Water and dirt are a chain’s worst enemies. Dirt can get in between your chain links and cassette causing premature wear and possibly your chain to break. Cleaning your drivetrain could be the most valuable maintenance you can do to your Fezzari. Here are a few tips on cleaning your chain and keeping it properly lubed so you are able to ride more efficiently. Bottom line, a happy chain means a happy rider.

Cleaning Your Chain

You will need 3 things to properly clean your drivetrain, a mild degreaser (bike specific ones work the best), a coarse household scrub brush, and a lint free towel. A chain cleaning kit has everything you need and does an excellent job. First, spray down the chain with the degreaser and let it soak for a minute. Second, give the chain and cassette a scrub with the brush ensuring to loosen all the dirt and mud. On a muddy mountain bike rinse the chain and cassette with mild pressure from a garden hose as well. Finally, wipe your chain clean with the lint free towel until it shines. If your chain is really dirty give it another shot of degreaser and a scrub to get all of the dirt and old lube out of the links. Make sure your chain is completely dry before applying chain lube.

Lubing Your Chain

One of the biggest misconceptions cyclists have is more lube the better. Too much lube attracts dirt and is actually worse for your chain. Make sure you use a bike specific lube. Things like WD-40 are not actually a lubricant and can attract more dirt, loosen your chain links and, in the long run, do more damage to your chain. There are many different types of lube out there. Wet lubricants are good if you are riding in wet conditions because they repel water. Most cyclists use a dry lubricant, which is a great all-around lube. Don’t hesitate to call the Fezzari factory shop if you have questions on which lube is the best to use in your riding area. To lube your chain, lean your Fezzari against a wall, a tree or place it in a Fezzari Quickstand service stand (link to bike stand) so your cranks are free to spin. Apply a small amount of lube to the center of the chain link while turning your cranks to lube the entire length of the chain. Ensure the lube penetrates the center of the links and doesn’t roll off the side of the chain. Be sure not to over lubricate. Use a clean, lint free towel to wipe the excess lube off your chain. For the longest life possible clean and lube your chain every couple of weeks. If you are riding in muddy conditions you will need to clean your chain more often.

Now that your chain is squeak free go hit the trail or road on your Fezzari bike and see if you can’t notice the difference a clean and properly lubed chain can make on your ride. Your bike will love you for it.

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