Dave Beeson 3rd @ Wolf Mountain Enduro Mudfest.


What a crazy fun weekend up @ Wolf mountain in the Eden Valley. The event was the Wolf Mountain 6 hour enduro. Basically it is a 6 hour down hill event, alternating over two courses, the person with the most laps wins.
Saturday was qualifiing to get a start order, and it was a mud fest. I rode my Fezzari Nebo Peak in order to keep the bike light and agile over the trails. It was a good choice as I ended up 3rd and in a great position for sundays 6 hour event. Sunday brought great weather and I started 3rd. By the end of the first lap I had passed up to 1st and was on a good pace. After nearly 1.5 hours into the race I had started to open up a gap over 2nd, and 3rd place riders. But that’s when I suffered a major mechanical. I hit a rock and broke my chain ring off my bike and lost 3 of the 4 chain ring bolts in the process. I had to push and coast my bike to the bottom and then find parts to fix my bike. It took me nearly a full lap to do this. Afterwards I got back on a great fast pace and made up some valuble time on the leaders, but just could not reel them in. I had a great weekend riding in the mud and rain and at times perfect conditions, my Fezzari Nebo Peak was a champ. I love that bike. I ended up making 22 laps and descending over 27,000 vertical feet(Mount Everest is 29,000). This was a great event, and I look forward to next years event already. I encourage all riders to come take part in this event , you won’t be sorry. Again and as always thanks to Chris and the crew at Fezzari, you all rule. And thanks for the Nebo Peak. The perfect bike for trail and fun use. Next week I,m off the bike and running in the Ragnar(Wasatch Back), I will update how it goes.

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