Kirchmeier makes it 2 for 2


Round two of the Utah DH series landed me my second win of the season.  Another beautiful weekend of weather after such a wet spring was a welcomed sight for everyone at Wolf Mountain Resort in Eden, UT.

The Wolf Creek Mountain Mayhem was the second stop in the Utah series and it was a great one.  The race course went down the famous Fezzari trail up top to the lower mountain cross course.  This is a course that is easy to ride but hard to ride fast.  The top is all about tight, twisty turns and maintaining momentum.  The mid section consisted of set of very tricky table top jumps that lead to some fast berms in the 4X style course.  From there, it was an all out sprint across a relatively flat fire road and a smoking fast downhill finish.  The tight turns were a blast on Saturday when the dirt was moist and tacky but as Sunday wore on, the course dried out and a few of the turns got blown out bad.  To win you needed to maintain good speed through the upper turns and pedal your guts out at the finish.  The jumps were really tricky.  I tried several times in practice to hit them at full speed with poor results but thankfully no injuries.  I decided to just grab a handful of brakes for the race run and just get through them smoothly rather than risk catastrophe.  I watched a few racers through that section and a high percentage of them crashed so I think I made a wise choice.

I had a good run the first time down the hill with two bobbles in the turns but no complete stops which set me up in first place after run 1.  The second run, as with Sundance, the wind kicked in and most riders posted slower times.  Mine was one second slower than the first but good enough for the win.

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