tour update


we started out the tour at woodward west one of my favorite places to ride,with new team rider cody gessel was on board we rode with the campers in all the skateparks the slopestyle course and the amazing dirt jumps they have we got to practice in the foam pit and the resi ramp. it was super fun and all the campers were super stoked we were there. we the headed up to windells camp in oregon we got to ride a bunch of stuff from nwd 10 and the new dirt jumps they have goin up i put the 801 through the paces on some big drops and jumps it can schredd anything and its still running like its brand new .they had a perfect set up for a trick i have been wanting to learn hip flips so i fired off a bunch and got them dialed.

after windells cody headed of to the airport due to no passport then we loaded up and headed to every mountain bikers dreamland whistler bc. it was my first time and i dont think i stopped smiling the whole time we were there. we rode all the famous trails and the indoor facilities with foam pit and jumps we also got to ride the brand new camp of champions compound its a cool place where you and learn new tricks there is a mulch jump wich is a wood jump into a mulch landing so it stays soft and my favorite part was the airbag its a huge airbag with a jump onto it .

after whistler we could barely hold onto our handlebars we rode so much.we  then packed up and headed off on our 56 hour drive to creston for goatstyle . on the way we picked cody up in the middle of nowhere montana he got out of the car smiling from ear to ear cause he just picked up his new 801 and wiki peak .it was a super fun course and a crazy weekend there was a big storm that came from no where and knocked over the roll in and it got crushed. so the crew got innovative and tore down the wall ride and turned it into the new drop it. from creston we went to highland mountain bike park its such a amazing place in the middle of nowhere they have something for everyone dh trails dirt jumps full slopestyle course and a the new HTC facility we got to be the first people to ride it and break in the foam pit i learned some crazy new tricks so keep an eye out.

we rode the mountain bike park as much as we possibly could everyday till the sun went down it might be my new favorite place to ride. after highland we stop at a cool skate park called rye airfield

we headed to new york and we got to spend a day in the city it was super cool none of us have been there before so we did the whole torrist thing and rode the statue of liberty ferry .tommorow we are off to ride with aaron chase at all his local trails

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