Overall Win at Stansbury Triathlon


Raced the Stansbury Olympic length triathlon yesterday. The water was warm, the new bike course was fast and beautiful and the run was full of spectators with otter pops.

It really was a great race! Very organized, lots of great support from awesome volunteers and locals and best of all they were very punctual about starting awards directly after the race. I really don’t know why Tooele has a bad rep, it is a gorgeous place filled with friendly people.

I felt better in the swim than I have at any other race this year (a lot due to warm water). I swam 23:53 which is really really fast for me…I wish I could believe it was a complete mile. The bike course was totally new from last year and although there were more turns in it than a merry-go-round it was a super fun course and super fast and super pretty! I didn’t feel that amazing or fresh on the bike. In fact, my legs were full of lactic acid the first 5 minutes. I don’t think I was fully recovered from the Mountain Regional Championship Xterra that I did last weekend. But by the last half of the bike I was feeling much better and was looking forward to focusing on a fast T2 and fast run. I did improve my T2 from my last Olympic tri at Rockcliff 3 weeks ago and I ran 40:37 which I was happy with!


Warm water!

My dog barking for me when I ran by for my second lap 🙂

Bobby’s support and cheers

Tons of Luna Bars from the awesome Luna Chix Team

Fun bike course and run course

Getting more than just a medal for winning


The truck that stopped right in front of me at the sprint turn around and made me swerve into oncoming traffic and come to a stop. In the confusion of things the person flagging sprint racers to turn around didn’t see me so I turned around. I quickly realized this was too short and turned back around to complete my bike course. I don’t like stopping in a race when I don’t have too!

My friend Ammie crashing twice (but a highlight she still won her age group!)

And last but not least…Not getting a fat paycheck at the finish line 😉

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