Kade Salisbury’s Trip to Whistler B.C. July 21-26 2010.


So this is my 3rd annual Whistler trip and it seems to get better each year. And I’m starting to get used to the 17 hour drive. But  there’s definitly nothing quite like spending 4 days straight aboard a downhill bike with the buddies. Can’t go wrong with that. 

 It started out being the perfect riding weather for us pretty much the whole trip, which in the years past we’ve been plagued with rain and alot of it. So this was the year for riding the nice wood skinnies and not just sliding off em. So the first day we

pretty much went all out, i mean how can you not. There is just way too many trails, and jumps, and drops, and wood feature’s to hit, and try to hit good, so that first day is trying to just hit everything with that perfect speed, and figuring out the trails. Pretty much we spent majority of the day riding the enchanted A-line, Dirt Merchant, and Freight Train. So much fun! But Day 1 went down without any problems. We all survived.

Day 2 was an action packed day for sure. This is when we started seeing the bears. It’s crazy you’ll be bombing down some trails and stop in an opening and look over and see a mama black bear with her two little cubs. Pretty nuts that put’s you edge. The scariest was when we were going down a trail called Clown Shoes in a thicker wooded area when i came across a good sized black bear that was only probably 20-30 feet in front of us. Luckily it was scarred of us and ran away, But still…

Day 3 the body was feeling it. More or less the hands. It was a battle of what trails you rode to which body part would feel it. There’s the fast and flowy trails with all the breaking bumps that would reek havoc on your palms and braking fingers. And then there’s the super technical, double back diamond trails that would put your elbow’s, shoulders, hands and pretty much everything through the paces. I ended up getting some pretty bad tennis elbow going.

Day 4 was spent in the air dome aka foam pit. And I’m thinking that a backflip to dirt on the widows peak will be coming soon(after race season though). If only that foam pit was 1,100 miles closer. But we spent 3 hours in the morning at the air dome and then it was off to the mountain again to finish off the trip.

So all in all it was a trip to remember, i highly recommend it going on the list.

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