Rock Cliff Triathlon Overall Win


I cannot believe that I have waited this long to post about my favorite race that I did this summer! Rock Cliff triathlon held on June 26 at Jordanelle.
I signed up for US Trisports 3 deal package. Rock Cliff was the second race of the series for me. Ammie and I went up to pre-ride the bike course the week before. We rode it twice just so that we got a good feel for it and then slapped on our running shoes to pre-run the course. I couldn’t figure out from the map where the run went so I just ran up the highway and thought “another boring road tri run course”, I miss my gnarly xterra courses where they make you run through river crossings, along pipes, straight up hills that you look at and think “I wouldn’t even want to hike that”.
Race morning was beautiful and sunny. The air temp was a little cold and the water was a little colder than I prefer. So I decided to put my toe warmers on my shoes and those instant hand warmer packs in each of the toes. Brilliant! I loved this so much!
The swim went well, when I got out Bobby told me I was in about 15th. The bike course is so much fun and so beautiful, but I wasn’t gaining on my competitors like I wanted to. I hadn’t passed more than 7 or 8 girls until the turn around when I saw the leaders and I was only a couple minutes behind them. I knew I was riding fast and that I could catch up and hopefully pass them by the time we got back to transition. I said to myself the entire ride back “go Erin go. go Erin go.” Haha a little self motivation for ya. I passed several of the girls and got to T2 in 4th place.
The run. I felt so incredibly good running it was crazy. I passed 2 girls on the first lap. As I ran by the finish to start my second lap my husband ran with me and told me that 2nd (Leslie Howlett) was 30 seconds ahead and 1st was 1 minute ahead, “you can get them hun!” he cheered. About 3/4 of a mile later I caught up to Leslie. She told me 1st was wearing gray and wasn’t that far ahead. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. The course was hilly and had some dirt trails. MMmmm me likey dirt! I take back what I said about the course when I was pre-running the course 🙂 I saw the first place gal and knew I had her, but time was running out…we were only less than a mile to the finish. I kicked it into turbo and ran past her only to finish 30 seconds later. Close race! I was sooo over-joyed.
Someone had told my husband before the race “Erin’s lucky because no one super fast has shown up so she’ll probably win” They ate their words a minute later when “fast” people did show up and said “oh dang, never mind”. If I wouldv’e known this before the race I would’ve raced even harder to prove them wrong.
I also turned out the fastest female run of the day by almost 3 minutes! It was a good day!
Sorry no pics

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