Xterra Mountain Regional Championships


My amazing parents decided they wanted to sponsor me for this race. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!
My husband and I got to Avon, (next to Vail) Colorado on Friday evening just in time for packet pick-up. I check out both transitions since there were two, we set up our pop-up trailer and cooked dinner on our little gas stove. I woke in the morning so excited to be racing again and the fact that it was an Xterra added that much more excitement. I went out and rode my bike on a paved trail and my doggy accompanied me. That was fun until he got a little freaked out for me (he thinks he’s my guardian) and started barking and stopping right in front of me trying to force me to stop. I took him back to Bobby and went out again. I ran the same trail and felt pretty good although my butt muscles have been tighter than tight ever since I started riding a triathlon bike. I guess I’m still just not used to it (a solid winter of training on it should do the trick!) I think I was a little nervous for my race because I couldn’t force the food down. I decided to just go and set up for my transitions rather than waste time forcing myself to eat and running the risk of throwing up 🙂
The Swim
Wow I don’t know if it was because it was a regional championship that qualified racers for Xterra Worlds and USA triathlon Cross Worlds or what but people were more aggressive than I have ever seen. People were throwing elbows around the buoys and just being flat out aggressive and mean. Yikes! I tried to avoid a black eye and focus on spotting the buoys. I got out and jumped on my bike. Since the course starts at 8,000 feet I could feel it in my lungs and legs. The course starts on a paved road that takes you to the dirt and from then on it is straight up. Literally. You keep climbing and climbing and climbing…you get the idea. The bike course for those of you who care has an elevation gain of 3,600 feet in 15.5 miles! Craziness. I was passing herds of people at a time. I asked one guy if I could pass at some point and he just laughed and said “we all want to pass but there’s no way you’re going to pass this line of people” I pulled right over and rode right beside the trail in the tall weeds and passed 15 people right there. That’s how you pass a line of people I guess. After that a super fast chick passed me. What is this? I don’t get passed by girls on a mountain bike! I decided I better stick with her because the rate that she was riding I knew we were going to be in the overall win for amateurs. I stuck with her the entire climb. Almost 12 miles of climbing on a mountain bike did I stay with her. Ahhhh for the downhill…that is until I flatted! 🙁 Very disappointed I pulled over and used my “Big Air” Co2 cartridge (I was really, really grateful we spent an hour before leaving town driving to every bike shop in Utah Valley to find one! Anyway, this had ignited a flame in me and I rode the next couple of steep climbs as hard as I could passing back some of the girls that had passed me. I rode the descents taking risks trying to find that fast chick that I rode with the whole course. No such luck. I came in to T2 3rd amateur female and was a minute behind 1st and 2nd. I ran hard but knew that I didn’t have much more than what I was doing. The run has an elevation gain of 1,300 feet…pretty epic for 5.75 miles. I stayed in this position and finished in 3rd Overall. I was happy with my results.
And for my other exciting news…I applied for my Off-Road Triathlon pro license and was accepted. So now I get to do Nationals and Worlds without having to travel to 4 races to qualify! Yay! I’m so excited! I know that my bike times will be so much faster just based on the fact that I get to be in the first wave that starts. It’s a huge disadvantage when a super fast biker like myself has to start behind 400 people and try to pass them on single track trails. I’m ready mentally and physically to finally race pro. I can’t wait for Nats!

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