One One Hundredth of a Second(0.01)


Hey, Kade Salisbury here. So the Utah Downhill Race Series as come to an end with the last race at Brian Head Resort in Southern Utah a week ago. And I must say it most definitely didn’t disappoint. The course was absolutley a pure adrenalin rush and being set at 11.000 ft overlooking Cedar Breaks adds a spectacular view, not to mention it’s quite literally breath taking. Haha. It’s crazy what an effect it has on one’s body. Fortunately, the body was prepared for the challenge. Which looking at the weeks prior I’m suprised I’m still in one piece. Fortunately I survived at Nationals in Sol Vista, Colorado. The week after racing at Nationals I was off to Canada for my3rd annual Whistler trip. I only went over the bars once up there, But managed to survive. The week after B.C. I was off to race up in Pomerelle, Id. where I sorta hit a tree up there, ok I pretty much nailed a tree booking it with my shoulder on the first day of practice. I’d say the tree won, but I feel I fought a good fight. Haha. But I ended up winning 2nd place the next day.So I was stoked on that. A week after Idaho I was off to my parents cabin down in central/southern Utah at Fishlake. That is where I tried my hand at sailing. Yeah Yeah. It’s been a dream of my sister to pick up sailing and this year she did just that. So I went sailing with her, and talk about a rush. We about went over board a time or two, but it was a blast and I didn’t die. The week after risking my life at sailing I was off to risk my life in the final Utah Downhill Series Race at Brian Head resort. Now usually these DH races are on Sunday, but this was actually on Saturday thus shortening practice time, so I had to make due. I made my trip on Friday and was able to get some good practice in. All went well… As for race day it was a bit different. I ended up meeting up with fellow Fezzari rider Robbie Bamgartner and we took a couple practice runs together before our final race runs, I believe it was 2nd or 3rd run down this course when I was following Robbie and all I saw was him bookin it as always. But he got caught up in some rocks and totally got ejected. So he ended up going down in a nice jagged rocky part of the trail, and somehow one of the rocks entered in his helmet and managed to do some damage. He had a tore up lip with blood on his neck anda nice wound to his elbow which didn’t look fun at all. I believe it took 20 to 30 stitches to fix him up, so he didn’t get to race the downhill. An hour or two later it was time… So this is where it went down. Off the line I was feeling good, I managed to put down a solid first run until I got to the last corner to the finish. This was a corner I’ve yet to practice due to the fact that there is a car to jump over if you go straight instead of taking this corner. So I ended up taking a bit to much speed into it and I just remember breaking loose probably 7-8 feet before the finish line. Luckily I made it across but kinda in the wrong direction. I had pulled off a sweet 180 skid though for a out of the ordinary finish. Now I believe that is what costed me. So I had a time of 3.31.69 and i was sitting in 2nd place. I was just hoping now that I could improve my 2nd run time and that no one would improve on my time. Little did I know that someone would end up getting the exact same time on their 2ndrun as me. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? So I ended up tied for second place. This wasn’t how I envisioned it. It turns out that we got our overall points for the race andI was a mere 1 point from taking Silver in the state. Thus if I was only one one hundredth of a second faster it would have put me second, Landon 3rd, and Kade Salisbury (aka myself) In 2nd place behind the National Champion Spencer Mehr. But I’m happy to say the body survived, and my bike the Widows Peak did awesome, as for my brain, it is hangin in there. But I’m looking forward to a few more races this season and doing some late summer/Fall biking. Peace out.

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