Maiden voyage


Travis here. Took the 2011 Widows Peak on its first run today just before the sky decided to open up and dump the rain.  It was cold, wet, and it was awesome.  This frame that Fezzari has created sucks up the bumps like you would not believe. I instantly felt at home in the cockpit. It does such a good job at smoothing out the trail that i had to look down at my rear tire to make sure it wasn’t flat.  Not for a feel of sluggishness or losing speed, but for a feeling of absolute smoothness.

Specking the Fox RC4 on the frame is brilliant.  The bike is solid going straight, and inspires confidence in the turns.  It was a very good day. Didn’t have a camera this trip as it was just a dusting off the cobwebs workout ride, but you can be assured I’ll have pics of the next ride.  Next ride is on my home race course at Blackrock just outside of Salem Oregon ( to get the feel for how this frame handles doing what it was designed for.  Shredding a race course at speed. See you soon.

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