US Ski Team Member Cross-trains on Fezzari Fore CR5


Cross Training Really Does Make a Difference

My name is Bryan Fletcher. I am a Nordic Combined skier on the U.S. Ski Team. I have been on the team for 5 years now. For those of you who don’t know Nordic Combined is the combination of Ski Jumping and Cross Country ski racing. About 4 years ago I started road bike as a way to cross train and limit the overuse on my muscles.

How I Discovered Fezzari

Two years ago I came across Fezzari Bikes at the Moab Century Tour. As a kid I battle Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. So for me it’s always been important to give back to the community that has done so much for me. While at the charity event I took a good look at Fezzari and their products. I was impressed to say the least. Over the years, with my training load increasing, I started to spend more and more time on my bike. When I realized I needed a better bike to make my training more effective I picked up a Fezzari Fore Cr5.

The Road Bike/Cross Training Difference

The difference it has made in my training is clear. This winter has been my best season on record. In the opening World Cups I finished a career best 18th in Kuusamo, Finland. Two weeks later I landed another career best 8th place in Ramsau, Austria. It’s not always training more that makes the biggest difference, a lot of the time its training smarter that bridges the gap. For me that’s exactly what my Fezzari CR5 did for me. The amount of time I spend cross training on my bike is huge. My Fezzari Fore CR5 has made that time more effective. The custom fit of the bike reduced the stress on my back and legs making the longer rides way more comfortable and easier to train in my heart rate zones. The laterally stiff frame made my power transfer more efficient, which means my interval speed increased, which also reduces the stress on my legs. Being more efficient allows you to be more in control of heart rate zones as well as your power output. This helps make the easy trainings easy and the hard trainings harder. The reduced stress improves your recovery for the next day allowing you to do it all again with out burning yourself out.

Throughout the summer I had several weeks that would top out at over 1200 minutes of endurance. Add that to time spent on the jump hill and time spent in the weight room, suddenly recovery becomes very important. Every step to make your training more efficient is important. I hope to see you and your Fezzari out on the road!


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