Spotlight: Freeride Specialist Cody Gessel & the Fezzari 801


Cody Gessel rides the Fezzari 801

Cody Gessel is a 19-year-old Sandy, Utah native who mostly rides skate parks and dirt jumps, but competes in slopestyle whenever he gets a chance. He grew up racing motocross and was committed to it until he turned 18 and money started getting tight (motocross is expensive). He’d ridden BMX on the side some and decided to buy a hard-tail bike to ride every day. Since that time, racing motorcycles has become a thing of the past as biking takes up most of his time. Cody caught the eye of Fezzari staff while at a dirt jump jam in Alpine Utah.  Cody is also an avid fan of Arnold Palmer half & half (half ice tea/ half lemonade) and Mario Brothers on Nintendo.

Cody Gessel rides his Fezzari 801 free ride at the Sandy City Skate Park, and Sandy, Utah

1) What has been the highlight of your biking career so far?
Just riding for fun and having fun with all my friends, having tons of fun is just the biggest highlight!

2) How many miles did you ride last week?
I don’t even know! i just rode circles at the dirt jumps and skate parks.

3) What is your favorite race?
Well i dont race, outside of biking its any supercross race!

4) When did you start biking?
A few years ago, I raced motocross pretty seriously, but I rode bmx on the side, then I got a hardtail last year and havent stopped riding it since!

5) What was your first bike?
Growing up I had this sweet blue and yellow bike that if you pedaled backwards it stopped. I loved it, then I won $101 from this radio station, and I bought the sickest red x games bike!

6) What bike setup do you ride now?
Fezzari 801 frame with Spank Components and VP Pedals. I ride dirt jumps and park mostly so it works great!

7) Why do you bike?
Just for fun!

8 ) What is your favorite ride or route?
I love riding at Tanner park, perfect flow, good lines, good fun!

9) What is your favorite time of day to ride?
Always gotta have a good sunset sesh!

10) What is your biggest goal with cycling

Just to have fun! as long as i’m having fun i have no reason to stop!

11) What does an average training week look like for you?
Just riding everyday and having fun!  I’ve spent a good amount of time on the air bag at the Camp of Champions learning new tricks.

12) What do you do for training during the winter?
I shovel out whatever skatepark is open!

13) What do you do for nutrition on long rides?
Either an Arnold Palmer, Squirt, Dew, or Dr. Pepper and some sort of candy!

14) What races do you have planned for this year?
I plan to get to most of the slopestyle events in the U.S. and Canada.  I’ve already competed in Teva games this year and just finished up the Claymore Challenge.

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