Fezzari Rider Spotlight: Dave Beeson & the Fezzari Widows Peak


Dave Beeson on a Fezzari Widows Peak Prototype

1) What has been the highlight of your biking career so far?

Other than actually learning to ride, it would have to be winning the 2006/07 Masters Downhill World Championships.

2) How many miles did you ride last week?
That was a good week, I rode near 75 miles of the sweetest single track ever. Ashland, Oregon rules.

3) What is your favorite race?
As of last week, it would have to be the Ashland, Oregon Super D race (it’s a trail bike thing).

4) When did you start biking?
I have been riding since I was three years old, but I started racing BMX at the age of 12.

5) What was your first bike?
A Yellow Rampar BMX bike with steel mag wheels.

6) What bike setup do you ride now?
My trail bike is a Fezzari Nebo Peak, with Enve Carbon wheels, and a gravity dropper seat post. It really is the best bike I have ever owned, I can do anything on it.

7) Why do you bike?
It’s my therapy.

8) What is your favorite ride or route?
Jabberwocky. Read #3 and you will figure it out.

9) What is your favorite time of day to ride?
As long as I can see, I’m good to go. But probably morning.

10) What is your biggest goal with cycling?
At this point in my career, it’s just all about having fun, and being a benefit to the company’s that help me out.

11) What does an average training wee look like for you?
Not a lot of training these days. Just riding with a big old smile on my face.

12) What do you do for training during the winter?
I have a spin bike at home, and P90X ( that’s a heck of a hard work out).

13) What do you do for nutrition on long rides?
I love clif bars. That and a big ole’ Banana.

14) What races do you have planned for this year?
I will be doing all of the local Utah Super D races, and a few of the Downhill races. I also have committed to doing LOTAJA this year. That makes me a bit nervous.

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