Man’s Best Friend: Ode to the Trail Dog


I found this video of one of the coolest trail dogs I have seen.  This little Jack Russel name Lily has the skills to keep up with this rider at the Trail Side bike park in Park City, UT.  Plain and simple this little dog can fly.  Watching this video reminds me of the fun times I’ve had mountain biking with my Great Danes Bo and Kai.  Sometimes it’s pretty amazing to watch these dogs work as they jump over obstacles, dodge rocks, branches, and sometimes pickup rocks like Lily does in this video.  Sometimes there is no better biking buddy than your four-legged friend.


This is a picture of my oldest Great Dane Bo.  She is now getting to the age (13) where her joints don’t work as well, but when she was younger she loved to run the trails.  When the mountain bikes come out on a Saturday morning she was right there ready to hit the trails.



This is Kai my younger Great Dane.  She has as much energy as Lily the Jack Russel.  Since Bo is a little older and has a harder time running the trails, Kai gets to come riding now.  Just like Bo, Kai gets really excited when the bikes come out cause she knows she is heading for the mountains.


Sometimes you have to water the dogs on the trail.  Kai loves running in the streams and she will often lay in them.



I took a picture of the Dashchund at the Sea Otter Classic a couple years ago.  This guy and his girlfriend actually had two of these dogs they would put in each of their backpacks with these red goggles.  They seemed happy and content with being in the backpacks and from what I remember them saying the dogs loved to be on the trail.



What makes your trail dog great?  We’d love to see photos of your trail dog and to hear what makes him/her so great.  You can post the photos to our Facebook page.

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