New Road Bike and Mountain Bike Print Ads


We thought we would show you a couple of the creative ads you will see in magazines this spring.  Not only do we get to design and build bikes, but we also do all of our own photography and graphic design.  This ad below was thought up by Dev, one of our customer support representatives.  Dev drives an old 1985, rusted, Toyota Tercel hatchback, (pictured below) but has a very nice, new, Fezzari Fore CR5 road bike.  His bike is worth a lot more than his car, hence the tagline, “Get your priorities straight.”  We always find it amusing when we are out at races, or even driving around, and we see extremely nice bikes on really crappy cars.  There are a few of us here at Fezzari that are a part of this crowd, myself included, so we thought we would poke fun at it with this ad.


Fezzari Fore CR5

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We often get asked what sets us a part from other companies, why Fezzari?  It’s simple really, Custom, Quality, Direct.  Our priorities are to build the best quality, best fitting bikes, and sell them direct to the consumer, saving them thousands.  We took this ‘Why Fezzari’ question and came up with this.

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You can find at more about what sets Fezzari Bicycles apart by visiting our Why Fezzari page.

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