GPP Endurance Tri Camp, Tucson AZ


part of Mccain Loop by Gates Pass

This past week I got the opportunity to help out and train with the GPP Endurance Tri Camp in Tucson, AZ. It was 3 days of intense triathlon training ranging from Olympic distance to full Ironman athletes. I did most of the workouts with the group but also helped map out routes for our workouts. For the past few years, I have been coming down to Tucson to get out of the harsh Utah winters. Tucson is a great place for endurance athletes with weekly group rides and nice pools to swim in.

After 1000 yard time trial

The first day of camp consisted of a 75 min swim workout with a 1000 yard time trial(fun!) mixed in, a 3 hour bike with 6×20 min tempo efforts  and a 1 hour progressive run. I was pretty cracked after the first day but knew that my body would eventually adapt.

Coming back from the Biosphere(one of the many wonders of Tucson)

The second day kicked off with a 90 min swim workout followed by a double duathlon brick.(90 min ride up and over Gates Pass and a 30 min trail run x2) Once again my body felt like it was being hit by a truck and i couldnt even imagine how the other athletes were feeling.

giving directions for bike/run workout

The third day was the most epic day of camp with a 25 mile, 7,000 vertical feet climb up the infamous Mt. Lemmon. It takes anywhere from 2-4 hours to climb to the top from the base. I’ve done it a ton on my road bike, but never on my TT setup  so i was unsure of how my body would respond to that much climbing. To my surprise, my Fezzari T-5 got me all the way to the top without any discomfort. A group of us got to the summit around the same time and rested up for the long descent at the Cookie Cabin where they serve Cookies as big as your head!

on top of Mt. Lemmon at the Cookie Cabin

Everyone at camp had great attitudes and were super motivated durring each workout. Each athlete made it to the summit of Mt.Lemmon with huge smiles on their faces and nothing but positive things to say about the ride up. I love surrounding myself with people like this because it can really push you to a higher level.

Hanging out before ride

GPP Endurance will be  hosting a few more camps this year.
March 16-19 in St. George, Utah
April 13-16 in Henderson, Nevada
You can sign up on
Also be sure to ‘like’ GPP Endurance on facebook where you can get current news and updates for each of these camps.

Riding my Fezzari T-5!

Doing some run drills before progression run

Dr. Tom Fletcher giving a seminar about injury prevention

  1. I agree — it was great being there with so many gifted and positive athletes… Thanks Kelsey for putting the hurt on my all three days didn’t anyone tell you to be kind to older people See you in St George and Henderson — can’t miss this party

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