Preventing Squeaky Disc Brakes: Tips from Avid


Have you ever had your disc brakes squeal or vibrate? This is an issue for a lot of bikers with disc brakes, and it’s not specific to Avid brand of disc brakes, it happens with Shimano, Formula, and Magura.   It’s often asked what can be done to prevent squeaky disc brakes, and there are a lot of different answers to be found online.  Our friends at Avid provided us with a great set of instruction on how to prevent the squeal and vibration sometimes experienced in disc brakes.




Rotor and Brake Pad Bed-in

To achieve full braking power the brake pads and rotors should be fully bedded in before the first ride. Proper bed in can prevent noise and vibration in a system, if done incorrectly these problems cannot be solved without pad and/or rotor replacement.


The purpose of bed in is to apply a thin even layer of pad material to the brake rotor. At a basic level this layer allows the brake pad material to generate friction on the rotor surface in use. Bed in should be done on a new brake and after any pad/rotor replacement.


To achieve proper bed in the rotors and pads must be brought to operating temperature allowing a transfer and then allowed to cool fully. During this process it is very important the rotor does not come to a complete stop with the brakes applied, this can create a thicker layer of material at one point leading to vibrations later in use.

To bed in a rotor:

1) Select a riding area which allows for a moderate speed, for safety remain seated.

2) Accelerate to a moderate speed and apply brakes evenly, slowing to a walking pace. It is important to prevent a complete stop. Do this 20 times, braking power will increase during this process.

3) Accelerate to a slightly higher speed and apply the brakes, slowing to a walking pace. Do this 10 times, do not come to a complete stop.

4) Allow the brakes to fully cool before riding.


After the bed in process the brakes should operate at full power without noise.



With these tips and proper maintenance you are ready for fun trail rides that are free from squeaky brakes and mechanical issues.  For questions please comment below or contact us.

  1. It is helpful to know that you should not leave your seat and maintain a moderate speed. This would make it a lot simpler to use your brakes. My cousin would love knowing this as she looks into getting her brakes fixed.

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