Rainbow International Cup Race Recap- Tobago, West Indies


On May 26 I got the opportunity to race the Rainbow International Cup for the 3rd time on the small island of Tobago. I love everything about this race. The volunteers and race director do a great job of putting it on despite it being a smaller race.

Pre Race
I felt pretty confident leading into the race. Ive worked really hard on my run over the Winter and Spring, so I wanted to see if I could throw down a fast and powerful 10K. I got to Tobago Wednesday night so I had a few days to relax and get everything situated before race. Two days before the race I ended up getting really sick with a fever and sore throat. Why did this have to happen on my biggest race of the year? I guess it was a test to see how far I could push myself:) On Friday I stayed in bed for most of the day trying to sleep the sickness off then yanked myself out of bed for the evening race meeting.

Race Day:Swim: I woke up feeling even worse than the day before. I knew that the upper 90 degree temps and the 90% humidity would probably not make it any better but I decided to atleast start the race. The swim was pretty relaxed and very cool to be swimming in the ocean. I only had to fight for position in the beginning but settled into the lead about half way through the 1st lap of 2. I exited the water in 1st and knew i had to push the bike so i could have some time spared on the run.

The Bike course was 44k and 8 laps of mostly flat terrain. They couldnt close the course to cars or cows so it made for a scary ride. And when I say cows, I mean there were a few trying to cross the road as the race was going on which resulted in a few athletes running into them.. Good thing for my Fezzari T-5 and handeling skills or I could have brought a bad kind of souviner home to the states. I could tell right away that my legs didnt have much power so I just tried to ride tempo and hope that I dont blow up. Unfortunately, I started to really fade on lap 6 of the bike and was passed by a German and then a girl from the UK on the last lap. I really wanted to just throw in the towel but I didn’t travel all this way to quit, sick or not.


I started the run feeling pretty good considering how crappy the bike went… I managed to pass both girls on the first lap which was such a motivator for me.  I dont know how but I came across the line in first and almost cried!  I made sure to take in the last 800 meters as wins dont come by all the time.  Im very fortunate getting the opportunity race in Tobago. Hopefully I will be back next year to defend my title:)

Next race is the Dinoland Triathlon in Vernal, Utah on June 23.

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