The Best Mountain Bike Trails: Park City Area (Part 1)

“May in Park City, Utah” by wickenden

“May in Park City, Utah” by wickenden

The Park City area is an awesome skiing spot during winter and home to over 150 miles of great hiking and biking trails during summer. Let’s take a look.

Beaver Creek

This 4.5-mile trail is perfect for beginners. The roads are pretty level throughout except for a very short ascend near the trailhead—which should not be a problem as well for any healthy person. This allows bikers to focus on admiring the lush and fragrant forests that the trail passes through. There are also campsites and picnic areas for people who want to take a break along the way.

Now, if you are looking for a slightly bigger adventure, then you can easily move to the more advanced Taylor Fork-Cedar Hollow ATV Trail system, which the Beaver Creek Trail is a part of.

Deer Valley Resort

Named as one of the top 10 mountain bike destinations by Mountain Bike Action magazine, Deer Valley Resort is famous for its chairlift facilities, which allow bikers to climb the mountain with ease and choose from a wide range of exciting trail options once on top.

The resort also offers bike rentals and lessons throughout the area so it is perfect for beginners who are just getting into the sport and have yet to purchase their own gear.

Glenwild Loop

This 8.4-mile trail provides a relatively easy ride through three ecosystems: bitterbrush and sagebrush, bottomland and sedges, and oak and maple. More experienced bikers can easily finish the entire loop in about an hour. If you are looking for a slightly shorter ride, however, you can just take the cutoff trail that splits the loop in two.

High Meadow Loop

This single track trail passes through pine, fir and aspen forests. It is rated as having moderate difficulty so beginners should still be able to handle it.

The trail ends at the Red Pine Lodge.

Holly’s Downhill

Now, the term “downhill” may lead you into thinking that this 4-mile trail is a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it is rated as having extreme difficulty so if you are a beginner, then it is best to stay away until you gain more experience on easier trails.

For more experienced bikers, on the other hand, this trail is a great alternate route to take if you want to go down from the mid mountain trail.

Let’s take a break for now. Stay tuned for more awesome Park City area trails in part 2! Which Park City mountain bike trails are your favorite?

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