The Best Bike Trials: Medicine Bow Rail Trail

“Medicine Bow Rail Trail” by petecurtis

“Medicine Bow Rail Trail” by petecurtis


This 21-mile trail is fairly new. It originally formed part of the abandoned Laramie, Hans and Pacific Railroad until it was converted into a multi-use rail trail in 2007. The trail now features five sections.


Pelton Creek Trailhead to Vienna Trailhead

This first section is six miles long. The Pelton Creek Trailhead is located at the southern end of the trail. It features pay parking, a picnic table and a restroom. The Vienna Trailhead, on the other hand, does not have the same amenities but is the perfect spot for loading and unloading horses.

The path between the two trailheads consists primarily of small gravel, which provides a relatively easy ride, save for the slight incline and a couple of divots.

Vienna Trailhead to Woods Creek Trailhead

The Woods Creek Trailhead features the exact same amenities as Pelton Creek. It is located five miles from the Vienna Trailhead. The path takes you through a section of the Gramm forest that was destroyed by a forest fire in 2003 but is now slowly recovering.

Woods Creek Trailhead to Lincoln Guch Trailhead

This three-mile section crosses Highway 230. The path between the highway and Fox Park is quite rough but still provides an easy ride. The trailhead features a restroom and gravel parking.

Lincoln Guch Trailhead to Lake Owen Trailhead

The five-mile path between these two trailheads feature a relatively more compacted surface, which makes it the most bike-friendly section of the entire trail. The Lake Owen Trailhead features picnic tables, a restroom, potable water supply and two parking areas. It also has a caboose, an information board, a handicap-accessible hiking trail and campgrounds.

Lake Owen to Dry Park Trailheads

The three-mile ride between these two trailheads features a rather soft gravel path, which is expected to become more compact as more and more people use it. The Dry Park Trailhead has no amenities at the moment, except for a free parking area.

Things to do

Aside from the usual hike or bike ride, you can also drop by the Nici Self Museum for a trip down memory lane as it takes you through the rich history of the Centennial Valley.

The renovated 1872 prison at the Laramie-based Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site is also another good place to visit. The site takes you back to the time of the Wild West with its buildings, horse barn theater, 1800s-style baseball games and other special events.

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