Experience Fezzari: 23-point Custom Setup



We are often asked, “How can I know my bike will fit properly when It arrives?  How can I get a good fit on my new bike when I’m not even there?”   This video takes a couple of minutes to show the unique 23-point custom setup we include on each of our bikes.  Whether it’s a road bike or mountain bike Fezzari can custom fit a bike just for you.  We do this by getting a few specific measurements, from each rider, that you can find on our Fit Guide.  Find the Fezzari bike that is perfect for you.

“As a manufacturer we have the unique opportunity to deal directly with the customer.  People ask us how they will know that their bike will fit them when it arrives. How can they get a good fit when they aren’t even there?  We get some detailed measurements from each person that helps us lock in the exact fit.

If it fits better it’s going to ride better, and you’ll ride more because of it.

Your riding preference is going to determine a large part of what we do here at Fezzari in preparation in delivering your bike to you.  If you ride triathlons or if you ride road or all mountain and cross country, we’re going to set up your bike accordingly.

We custom fit and build each bike for each person.

We are looking at your measurements and then setting up the bike making sure the reach is just right and that the saddle positioning is set, the seat height, and crank length are specifically for you.

We ask for your height, weight, inseam, arm, and torso length, shoulder width and age. We use these measurements to get you on the right frame with the right stem, crank, and seat post.  We then make adjustments to saddle and stem positioning depending on how you ride.  We even set the tire pressure and suspension settings to match your weight and riding style.  Your comments also help us to make sure that the bike is set up just right.

Having purchased a bike, I’ve experienced the process myself.  I’ve had a bike fit for me and I can tell you that riding a bike that has been fit specifically for me feels a hundred times better than picking up a stock bike that is a general fit.

We often get asked if we make women’s specific bikes. We go way beyond the generic women’s fit to a person specific fit.  Each person is proportioned differently that’s why we fit the bike specifically to you.

Having grown up on bikes I’ve spent a lot of time riding all sorts of disciplines road, mountain, all mountain, skate park, and urban riding. I think that that love really translates to an attention to detail. Ever bike that we send out of here I know that I would personally ride that bike and I know that it is going to perform for which ever customer gets it.

If I’m going to take the responsibility to look over a bike I want it to be my best work and I want the rider to be happy on it. I want them to ride with a smile, and to know that the bike was custom fit specifically for them.

We really take pride in our work. We test ride every bike that goes out of here.  We often think about the person that is getting the bike, and we hope that they are riding it and it is not just hung up in a garage, but that they really appreciate it for the work of art that I believe it is.

We ship most of our bike and they go all over the world.  We simply remove the front wheel, handle bars, seat, and peddles.  It takes just a couple minutes to put back together and it’s ready to ride.

I’m making a product specifically for somebody instead of just getting it out of the door.  It brings the biking a little more to life.

Would you get a pair of running shoes that are a half size off even though it is a good deal?  Would you buy a suit that doesn’t fit right? Our bikes are custom tailored specifically for each customer.  They are person specific bikes.”


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