Cycling to a Sexier Butt

Active girl stands on the bike on the road outdoors. She wears a pink sports jacket, black-pink shorts, sunglasses, black helmet, green sneakers and a stopwatch. Cyclist looks at the back wheel.

One of the best possible ways to work that backend into shape is to get on a bicycle.

It’s Got Your Back

Your rear end is one of the biggest and most powerful group of muscles in your body. It’s in charge of extending your trunk and laterally moving and extending your hips so it helps you perform movements like climbing stairs and rising from a seated position—things that you do practically on a daily basis.

Yes, these things seem pretty important. But the single most important function of your posterior (based on our own opinion at least) is that, when it’s properly toned, it dramatically boosts your sex appeal. And who doesn’t want to look good?

Now, with this important revelation in mind, your mission is to make sure that your behind is in top shape at all times.

Hit the Bike

Road bikes, mountain bikes—it doesn’t matter what type. Just hop on one and start riding. The motions involved in riding a bike like the constant shifting of weight and pedaling forces your butt muscles (along with a couple of others) to fire repeatedly, simulating several exercises at the same time like squatting and planking.

Your riding position determines which of the following muscles or a combination thereof are hit:

  1. Gluteal muscles
  2. Lower back
  3. Abdominals

You end up not only with a tight derrière, but a nice strong core as well.

Of course, it’s also easy to control the intensity of your bike workouts using the gears on most, if not all, modern mountain bikes or road bikes. Couple this with varying terrains and uphill riding and your butt (and other “bike muscles”) will surely be put to the test.

How’s that for a great bang-for-buck workout?

Melt the fat off

But what good is a perfectly developed butt when it’s covered by a layer (or several layers) of flab? Fortunately, riding a bike also doubles as a great cardio workout.

That’s right. It gets your heart rate up and helps you not only burn, but keep the fat off as well. The places you get to visit along the way are just icing on the cake.

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