The Best Bike Trails: Delaware River Heritage Trail (Part 4)

“Delaware River Heritage Trail” by kwesta1a

“Delaware River Heritage Trail” by kwesta1a


We have finally reached the end of this four-part series. As promised, here is the final set of landmarks to visit during your ride around the Delaware River Heritage Trail.

Elks-Brox Memorial Park

This is another one of the city-owned parks around the area. It features bathrooms, picnic areas and trails. It was built in response to the growing demand for open spaces that, during the Gilded Age between 1880 and 1920, were rapidly disappearing due to settlers.

Erie Railroad Yards

As you cross the West End Bridge along West Main Street, on your left, you will see what remains of the great freight yards of the Delaware Division, which used to sport a total of 75 miles of track. On the horizon is the High Point Monument, a reminder of the honor of New Jeysey’s war veterans. On your right, you will see remnants of the old railroad shops and facilities.

Port Jervis Fire Museum

The Port Jervis Fire Department runs an exhibit of fire memorabilia. The museum can be found at their restored 19th century station on Orange Street. The displays include firefighting equipment and artifacts from as early as the 19th century.

Gillinder Glass

This last place is not really on the trail, but it is still worth checking out. It is one of the oldest American glass companies that are still in operation today. It is located right at the corner of Liberty and Erie Streets, just a couple of blocks from Fort Decker.

Visitors can drop by and watch how the company manufactures its products using the exact same techniques that it used when it first opened more than a century ago. There is also a museum that showcases the rich history of glass making in the region. Finally, there is also a souvenir store for people who want to take home something to remember their visit by.

That is it. We have finally covered all the noteworthy landmarks around the trail. Now you know that you will surely have a worthwhile ride. Not only will it treat you to beautiful views, it will also take you back in time to when the area was still in the process of developing into what it is today.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and take your family and friends for a ride around this awesome trail.

Come back again soon for more great bike trails updates.

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