How to Prevent Flats on Road Bikes


Most road bike flats are not caused by external punctures. They are caused by riding at too low of tire pressure. When you ride at too low of pressure, it can cause pinch flats. Pinch flats can happen when you go over a bump and the tube is pinched between the rim and the bump that you ride over. It might not immediately go flat, but it will cause a weak spot in the tube that can wear out prematurely and cause a flat later.

Road tubes should have around 80-130 psi (check the sidewall of your tire). Because they are thin and run at a high pressure, the air pressure in the tube can drop as much as 20 psi per day. So make sure to check your tire pressure before each ride.

Make sure you have a good pump with a gauge that you can accurately measure tire pressure. Most air compressors won’t work because the they don’t go to a high enough PSI and aren’t precise.

Get a sturdy, long-lasting pump like the Fezzari Aireport Pump. It can pump up both Presta and Schrader valve tubes and has a bleed-off valve button in case you over-inflate a little bit. It also has a big gauge for easily determining your tire pressures. The body is made out of aluminum and the handle is wood for a good solid feel while pumping. It will last a long time and is a necessity for any biker.

  1. SO many people dont realize this. When I pump their road tires up to 100psi, they cringe and say “Won’t that make it explode? I dont want to get a flat” Ugh!! Face palm. My girlfriend thinks riding road bikes on gravel paths will cause a flat too,but she doesnt realize that the flat is most likely caused by too little air and a pinch against a stone.

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