8 Reasons to Ride a Fat Bike


Ever wonder why in the heck someone would ride a fat bike? Here are 8 reasons why riding a fat bike might be for you..

1) Ride bikes in the winter

This is the best way to ride bikes in the winter, whether you’re a mountain biker or road biker. Recently we had a dedicated road-biking customer come in who wants to ride slick and icy roads in the winter. She rides roads that are hard packed and icy and loves it.

2) A completely different cycling experience

If you’ve ridden standard road bikes or mountain bikes, this is a completely different experience. It’s got the workout of cross-country skiing but the control and fun of downhill skiing.

3) Float on the snow better

A skinny tire bike will get stuck, spin out, and easily wreck in snowy conditions. With fat bike tires, you float on top of the snow.

4) Better traction

Fat bike tires are bigger and have low tire pressure (5-10 psi), which makes them grip a lot better. You won’t slide out as easily in icy conditions.

5) Get in tune with nature

Trails are less crowded in the winter. Everything is so peaceful and quiet. Snow has a dampening quality and so you hear your breath, the breeze, your heartbeat, and what few animals are still around. Make friends with a deer. Not to mention you experience breathtaking views. It’s Yoga on steroids.

6) Best workout you’ll ever have

As we said before, fat biking on the snow is different that biking on a trail or road. You get a better workout. Balance, consistent pedal stroke, and core stability play more important roles. That’s why it’s important to have a light fat bike. Most steel fat bikes weigh in the 40+ lb range. Most aluminum weigh in the 30+ lb range. A carbon fat bike, like the Fezzari Kings Peak starts in the mid-20s.

7) Get your adrenaline fix

You can start easy and controlled, but when you get better, you can learn to drift in the downhills. You’re not supposed to necessarily slide in corners on dirt trails because it can damage the trails, but on snow it doesn’t matter.

8) The best reason of all – You don’t have to bore yourself to death on a trainer

Enough said.

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