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10 Steps to Get Your Bike Ready for Spring



Now that the warm weather is here it’s time to bring your bikes out of hibernation. Whether you are one that rode the entire year or one that hung up your bicycle until the bitter winter months passed, these tips will be useful for you. Learning how to get your bike ready for spring only takes a few minutes and some simple tools you probably already have around the house. All of these tips can apply to both road and mountain bikes.


1. Wash Your Bike

Thoroughly rinse, wash, and dry your bike using low pressure water and a mild degreaser or dish soap. Pay special attention to cleaning your chain, chainrings and cassette. Use a chain/cassette brush or regular toothbrush to shine up those gears. Keeping your drivetrain clean and lubricated can extend the life of your parts 3 fold.

2. Cable Inspection

Inspect all cables and housing. This includes brake cables or hydraulic break lines, shifter cables, and housing. Inspect for any fraying, splitting, or leaks. If any damage is visible on the cables, housing, or hoses you will want to replace them immediately.

3. Check the Chain and Gears

Inspect chain for any rust or missing chain links. Check gears for any missing or broken teeth. If any teeth are missing or the chain shows excessive wear it is a good idea to replace these parts.

4. Keep Those Tires in Good Shape

Inspect both tires for wear or other damage such as embedded objects such as glass, thorns, etc. If you have a tubeless setup, now is a good time to clean out and replace the sealant.

5. Hubs and Headset

Inspect wheels for any lateral play. A loose hub which can result in damages to your hub or wheel. If either hub feels loose, your local bike shop can fix it for you. Also, Inspect headset for proper tightness. An improperly adjusted headset can damage the headset itself or even your frame.

6. Tighten Crank and Frame Bolts 

Check the tightness of cranks and all other nuts and bolts. (If you own a full suspension mountain bike be sure to inspect the test bolts are tight on all rear suspension linkage parts).

7. Make it Shift Like New

Check that your bicycle is properly shifting through all gears. If you need assistance with adjusting your derailleurs we recommend checking out the videos in our support section.

8. Be Sure It Will Stop!

Inspect your brakes to ensure that they have plenty of pad available.

9. Choose Your Lube

Lube your chain. Use a dry lube for dry weather or a wet lube if you are riding in rainy or muddy conditions. Apply lube liberally, allowing it to soak into every link. If using a dry lube, let the chain dry for at least 5 hours before riding. If using a wet lube, wipe excess lube off with a towel.

10. Inflate Tires

Check your tire pressure and inflate to the proper pressure for your weight. You are all set! It is time to ride. Go enjoy that spring weather!

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