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Fezzari Timp Peak Singletracks Review from – “Near Perfect Bike”

0 Comments just published a review of the newly released Fezzari Timp Peak 2.0 Trail Bike that was released at Sea Otter this year. They said it was “a near perfect bike.” To read the entire Fezzari Timp Peak Singletracks review, click here.

Highlights of the Fezzari Timp Peak Review from the

“The bike was near perfect.”

“Picking up this 26.5-pound [Timp Peak] bike made it feel like the $10,000 bike that it is… except for one thing: it isn’t. Fezzari is selling this exact spec at a mind-blowing $6,199! That is still a little difficult to believe even as I write this.”

“Fezzari is driven to crank out consumer-centric bikes that can hang with, and even surpass, the most popular brands in the business.”

“Very well thought out.”

“The Fezzari soaked up everything I threw at it.”

“The bike handled beautifully, and I kept thinking the entire test weekend how well this bike is designed.”

“Needless to say, despite a steep climb right out of the gate, this lightweight [Timp Peak] bike climbed like a dream.”

“The front end stayed planted, and even on the steepest of climbs, I did not feel the bike wandered. Undoubtedly, the 67-degree head angle, combined with a 150mm, lightweight front end, kept this bike down when climbing. Very well thought out.”

“I had zero concerns about this bike.”

“The bike felt light, and was well-suited for me right out of the gate.”

“The Timp Peak felt balanced, and the suspension was superbly weighted over the mix of hardpack flow trail, which was interrupted by rocks and roots. Again, the weight reinforced how well balanced this bike is overall, and leaning the bike into corners and weaving in and out of trees was effortless. Unexpected drops and kickers were no problem, and the Fezzari soaked up everything I threw at it with excellent damping and rebound. The bike was easy to pump and clear sections of rocks or roots, and maneuverable in the air.”

“It should be clear by now that I was impressed with this bike.”

“Fezzari also offers one of the best warranties in the business, a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a 23-Point Custom Setup to make sure they get the right bike size for you.”

Note: photos and videos are from


Fezzari Timp Peak Mountain Bike. Courtesy

Fezzari Timp Peak Mountain Bike. Courtesy

Fezzari Timp Peak Mountain Bike. Courtesy

Fezzari Timp Peak Mountain Bike. Courtesy

Fezzari Timp Peak Mountain Bike. Courtesy

Fezzari Timp Peak Mountain Bike. Courtesy

Here’s their video of some of the trails they rode:



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