5 Riding Rules for Roadies


5 Riding Rules for Roadies

(Thanks to Fezzari customer Mary Cowley for sending this in. We thought it was so good, we decided to publish it.)

1. You are invisible. In every circumstance, under every condition, you are invisible. Act accordingly. To stay alive it’s a good idea to make sure you are seen.

2. If it doesn’t feel safe DON’T DO IT! (Don’t be pushed, coerced, flattered or persuaded.) Go only where or when you feel it is safe to do so.

3. Assumptions are deadly when on a bike. MAKE CERTAIN! Stop, Look, Watch, Wait.

4. If it’s a contest, you will lose! Be it train, bus, car, stroller or rock.

5. Tuck and roll! Crashing is never something we want to contemplate, but if it happens remember to roll. Tuck into your bike. Any and all extended appendages will break! Helmets sit down on the brow!

There is much that could be added to this list. Ride with people who are experienced riders and learn all you can to stay safe. The fun will come naturally. RIDE SMART. RIDE SAFE.

And we would add some others:

6. Where possible, ride on paths that are away from traffic.

7. Always wear bright and/or reflective clothing.

8. Always signal which way you’re turning.

9. Get lights (head and tail lights) and put them on flashing mode even for daylight riding. You’ll be seen much better.

10. Obey the rules and be courteous. Don’t be the one rider that ruins it for everyone else.

If anyone else has some comments or suggestions, please add them below.

  1. Get more uninsured/under insured motorist coverage on your own auto insurance policy. I would suggest at least $300,000/person, $900,000/accident. Chances are if your hit by a motor vehicle the driver will be under insured or have none at all. I was hit by a drunk driver going 55-60 mph with $15,000 liability. I’m still racking up medical bills that will have to be paid for by my insurance and out of my pocket. The worst part…my Fezzari CR3 is toast!

  2. Great tips. I have put about 15000 miles on my CR3 (I love it) and I’m always wondering the best way to handle a less than courteous driver. In extreme cases do you report the licence number or do you just blow it off?

  3. I consider Mountain Biking in hard terrain a lot safer than road biking especially with all the crazy drivers out there that should not have a driver’s license. I just do 2.5 miles each way on my cross roads bike to get to my commuter rail and it’s just ridiculous what people do on 20 mph streets. I think, I will start wearing my action head cam for every ride and report every incident to police until they make a presence there.

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