Fall Mountain Biking

Why Fall Mountain Biking Is The Best



Summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean your mountain biking season has to! In fact, fall can be one of the best times to get out and ride. Take a look at these few reasons why you should probably reconsider hanging up that bike for the year.

Better trail conditions

Depending on where you live, fall weather can dramatically improve trail conditions. The absence of sudden summer or spring storms help dry up trails that might otherwise remain muddy or cause serious rutting.

Cooler weather

The coming of cooler weather is always a relief after long, hot summer days when riding could often just be miserable. If you just aren’t one of those early-morning workout people, fall afternoons can often have the perfect temperatures for a long bike ride.

Less crowded

To many, fall often means the beginning of a new school year or the end of a summer vacation, meaning less people on the trails.

A great diversion from the daily grind (school, work, etc)

If you are one of the lucky ones committed to schooling or a career, biking can also become one of the best releases from the stress of daily work. No thinking–just pedaling, breathing, and taking in the thrill of it all.

Beautiful fall colors

There’s no doubt fall can yield some of the richest colors and views of the year. Even if you think you’ve seen all your area has to offer, taking some time to ask some long-term residents and outdoor enthusiasts where to ride can lead you to new and incredible views.

 Night rides

Shorter fall days doesn’t always mean less riding time. Getting a bike-light and exploring the local trails at night are a fun way to mix up your rides. Need some lights? Check out our selection of awesome lights.

You can only watch so much football

Let’s face it–sitting on the couch eating cheetos gets old eventually… right?



All Photos Credited to Ian Beaty, Big Springs Trail, Provo, Utah, Wasatch National Forest

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