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One Review You’ll REALLY Want To Read


Most bicycle reviews (not to mention plus bike reviews) read something along these lines: First, an analogy for how smooth it is, “This bike was butter smooth…” and then, simply,  “It was outrageously fun..”  Once you’ve read one, it seems you’ve read most.  After just a few reads, reviews just blend together in a fog of “awesome-ness” and “fun.”

Until this one.

We received this review on the Cascade Peak from a local rider who apparently had quite the time on his new plus bike. We thought this review was one-of-a-kind. And we thought you might think so too.

   So let’s put things in perspective concerning this review of Fezzari’s Cascade Plus mountain bike. I am a sixty-two year old “roadie” who has been a road biker for the last 35 years…so balance and bikes are not something new to me… with the exception of mountain biking. The ability to keep the “blue” side up (sky) and the “brown” side down (ground) has completely eluded me.
Through the years, my forays into the world of mountain biking have been, to put it rather bluntly, nothing short of disastrous. Lacking both an applicable mountain trail skill set and confidence, the recipe for failure was a foregone conclusion… with the offending said mountain bike up for grabs in the local advertisements.
Enter the Fezzari Cascade Plus. With the abysmal heat of this last summer on most road rides, I knew I had to give mountain biking another shot. At the onset of the summer season I’d heard of this new bike from Fezzari that was coming out that targeted skill and confidence issues…”how did they know about me?”, I asked.
So long story, short version. The bike quickly restored my confidence, starting with an unintentional detour from the bike trail through a field of “baby head” boulders of which the bike wasn’t deflected in the least and just rolled through and over every single obstacle encountered (I, on the other hand, was mentally constructing how my obituary was going to read) The Cascade allows for one not capable of selecting the “best line” to still negotiate the trail with ease and confidence and eventually develop the skill set to be able to ride the “best line” out of choice. So think, a veritable Sherman Tank with power steering.
In a discussion at a local area that actually demo’s this bike (Sundance Mountain Resort) a couple of us came up with this analogy after seeing what it had done for some of the riding guests there. This bike has the potential to do for bountain biking in general, and Single Track specifically, what Shape Skis did for the skiing industry.
I now spend four of every five bike outings, on a mountain bike. And the bike of choice? Yes, Cascade would be correct.

Sam Palmatier
plus bike review custom plus bike

plus bike review

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