How to Not Give Up On Indoor Training This Winter


Does the thought of setting up your trainer make you want to cry? What about the idea of sitting in one room for hours on end, pedaling until you want to puke?

With the onset of winter, cyclists often find themselves doing most of their cycling on an indoor trainer. If you are one to think this is the most miserable idea anyone’s ever had, (but don’t think you have any other options) think again. With a few simple ideas, and just a little motivation, pedaling on  your indoor trainer can actually be a good experience, AND it can dramatically improve performance on the road.

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  1. Start with feeling comfortable.

    Alright, let’s be honest–cycling can be miserable if you feel like you’re pedaling in a sauna. You’re gonna need to do some planning to set up your trainer in an area that will be an optimal environment. Make sure it’s a cool room, where light can be adjusted as you want it, and where you can set up a couple fans to keep you feeling cool. Placing a towel on your handlebars will help with catching sweat or wiping you dry if it gets too hot. Comfort is key. And it might take a few trial sessions to get the right set up–but this is important. So take the time to get it right.

  2. Make goals.

    Tracking your workouts and the progress you make during the indoor season will turn mindless pedaling into a focused, fulfilling workout. There are plenty of training videos you can buy or apps that will help you plan and track your workout–whatever you use, just make sure you set goals and work towards them. Make a goal to increase your VO2 max by a certain amount or increasing the length of time you can keep up a specific BPM. Try working out your climbing by increasing the elevation of the front wheel. Mix it up! Sticking to a workout program for 4-6 weeks will help you see the most improvement, but in the meantime, have some fun with it and don’t let it get boring!

  3. Have fun.

    Speaking of having fun, there’s nothing like some really good jams to get you going. Try out our FezzariBicycles Spotify Playlist for some tunes that can help you get motivated and moving! And hopefully singing along;) But if you really can’t stand our taste in music, there’s nothing like a cycling buddy to pedal along with you and keep you pushing through those tough intervals.

  4. Reward yourself.

    Still feeling unmotivated? Set up a little system of rewards for yourself. Did you get through 20 minutes on the trainer without crying? You get to take an extra long shower without worrying about the cost. Did you push through all your intervals without cheating? Grab a smoothie. Did you hit your goals for the entire indoor season? Plan a special biking trip to somewhere you’ve never been. You’d be surprised how much you can push through when you know there’s something happy waiting for you at the end.


Happy pedaling!

Have other ideas on how to make your indoor training fun and enjoyable? Leave comments and ideas below!

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