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The Fezzari’s that Went to the Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro


Fezzari was proud to support Cycle Kili, a bike expedition to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The team was made up of the Iron Cowboy James Lawrence, Rob Nelson and Tate Nelson. Cycle Kili has the ambitious goal of raising $1.96 million to benefit the Treasures of Africa to help build a new school campus for orphans.


Fezzari athletes Iron Cowboy James Lawrence, Rob Nelson, and Tate Nelson on Mt Kilimanjaro

Summiting the 19,341 feet of Mt. Kilimanjaro is hard enough and doing it by bike is something few have ever accomplished. The beginning of the journey took the team through the rain forest, heat and humidity before ascending to the cold slopes of the mountain near the summit. As the team climbed upward on their Fezzari Solitudes the air thinned and the challenge increased. Here is what the Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence had to say about one of the most difficult days:

“Today was one of the hardest single days of riding I have ever done (I most likely forget how hard some of the rides during the 50 were, they would have been difficult for other reasons). I know Tate and Rob suffered as well. The riders took a service road to avoid the massive tree root steps up through the rain forest, but this road presented its own series of problems for us. The road started out innocent enough as we rode through some very cool scenery and small villages with the sound of children playing. The path quickly turned gnarly after we passed through the upper gates to the mountain. Steep grades, boulders and loose gravel. If you chose the wrong line and stopped, it was tough to get going again. Fight to get going or descend and get a small run at it. Both options had their pros and cons. The incline had me at my wit’s end trying to figure out how to peddle every inch of the way up to the camp. Today we rose up over 7000 feet to the Horombo Hut located at 12,204 feet. This is where we would be for the next two nights to acclimatize to the altitude. We reunited with the rest of our crew that had risen up through the rain forest and arrived about 45 minutes before I did. Tate and Rob would show up to camp two hours and fifteen minutes later, exhausted but happy. I was grateful to be at camp and definitely ready for some food and some much-needed rest.”

Luckily the Iron Cowboy had a secret weapon to deal with the challenges of the mountain, his mind.

“Dear Kilimanjaro,

You tried to throw everything at me. You tried to stop me. You tried to break me. You tried to steal my spirit. But what you didn’t know is that I have control over what I think and how I handle your adversity. Attitude is everything, and it’s up to me. It’s my decision. I chose fun, adventure, memories, friends and good times regardless of your ruthless agenda.”


The Iron Cowboy knows how to have fun in the middle of a challenging expedition.

The team persevered through the rest of the climb and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with their Solitude bikes.

Rob Nelson and Tate Nelson became the oldest and youngest people to summit Kilimanjaro by bike. Congratulations Cycle Kili Team! Go to Cycle Kili to support this great cause to help orphans in Africa.


Rob and Tate Nelson become the oldest and youngest people to summit Kilimanjaro by bike.


hardtail plus bike

Tate Nelson climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on the new carbon plus size Solitude


carbon plus size bike

Rob Nelson holding his Solitude after a successful descent down the mountain into the village

  1. Awesome story , I look forward to meeting James and the rest of the crew . Cant wait to ride the new Solitude and show it off all over Arizona, Thanks Jordan [ Fezzari ] for the Opportunity to be an Ambassador for your Bicycles . There is a whole world out there waiting to hear about your Bikes and you have my word they will hear it in a Professional and caring manner…. Eldon Coats, Paulden / Prescott AZ…

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