How to Perform Tubeless Maintenance


Tubeless Maintenance

You should check the sealant level in your tubeless tires about every 3 months. Not sure when you did it last? Now is a great time. Here’s how to check your sealant and add more if needed.

  1. Remove all the air from your tire.
  2. Push the bead of the tire away from the rim to break the seal of the tire.
  3. Use a tire lever to get one side of the tire off the rim.
  4. Check sealant level. If it is dry or there is very little left add 2 ounces of sealant to the tire. We recommend using Stan’s Tire Sealant.
  5. Use your hands to push the tire back onto the rim.
  6. Inflate the tire quickly to set the tire bead. You will hear a loud pop as the bead sets. Sometimes this step is easier to perform with an air compressor but modern tubeless systems have made it easier than ever to do with a floor pump.

Making sure that you have sealant in your tire is important for flat prevention and helping your tires hold air better.

Don’t have tubeless and are curious about the benefits of a tubeless tire system? Look here.

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