Why Fezzari?


Custom Quality Direct

Why is this so important and how does it affect you?

Fezzari is a different bike company. We built the company on the premise that every person is different with different preferences and needs. We want you to have a personalized experience. So we built the company on 3 main points:
  1. Custom – Every bike is custom fit to the individual. This is not just frame sizing, but every component on the bike is sized specifically to you and your riding style. A bike that fits better rides better. In addition, we can custom build your bike just for you. Because we ship most our bikes directly to the rider, before we ship it we fully assemble it, tune it and test ride it. So it takes just a couple of minutes to put back together out of the box when you get it.
  1. Quality – When we first started Fezzari, we said, “If this company is going to fail, it won’t fail because of quality.” That has permeated every aspect of our business, from the components we use (best in class in their given category), to the guarantee that we back our bikes with, to the interactions with customers. That has translated into a staggering 2 out of 3 of our customers are repeat or referrals.
  1. Direct – When buying from Fezzari, you deal directly with the manufacturer. That means you can customize your bike, give feedback on products, and save on prices because we pass the channel savings on to you (up to 40%).

We are so confident that you will love your Fezzari that we back it with the No Risk Just Ride Guarantee. Find out more about Our Promise to you.

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