The Proper Way to Lube Your Chain


4 Easy Steps to Lube Your Chain

Keeping your chain lubed will make it last longer and help your drivetrain run quieter. Make sure you start the lube process with a clean chain.

Step 1: Establish a Reference Point

Find a point on the chain to reference so you know when you have lubed the entire chain. The master link is usually the easiest reference point if your chain has one.

Step 2: Apply Lube to Each Link of the Chain

Go link by link and make sure that each link has a drop of lube on it.

Step 3: Rotate the Chain

Pedal backwards a few times to make sure the lube gets worked into the chain.

Step 4: Wipe off the Excess Lube

Use a rag to wipe off the excess lube from the chain. This is really important to keep the chain clean longer. If there is excess lube on the chain it will attract more dirt so make sure you wipe down the chain after lubing it.

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