5 Fall Riding Essentials


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The temperatures are dropping but that doesn’t mean you should stop riding. Fall has some of the best riding. There is great dirt to be had on the trails and you can still get in those long road rides. To make the most of your fall riding there are a few things you should bring.

Arm Warmers

Arm warmers are great for fall riding because they can keep you warm in the cooler mornings and then as the temperature climbs during the day you can easily take them off.

1506446269_Louis Garneau Arm Warmers 2 1

Jacket or Vest

A light cycling vest or jacket is great for descents or for if the weather takes a turn for the worse. You can keep one stowed in a jersey pocket and pull it out when you need it. Riders will often keep it stowed away on the climb and put it on for the descent.

1506444986_Louis Garneau Nova 2 Mens Vest Front

Knee Warmers

Basically the same use as arm warmers but knee warmers will help your knees stay warm on those cool days so you can keep them injury free.

1506447170_Louis Garneau Knee Warmer 2 1


As the days grow shorter you may find yourself needing a light on the road or trail. Always use a taillight on the road and if you are doing some night riding we recommend something like this Lezyne 1100 lumen light.


A Clean Bike

It becomes especially important to keep your bike clean in the fall. There tends to be more dirt and debris in the road from storms and you may encounter more muddy spots on the trails. This dirt can wreak havoc on your drivetrain so make sure you keep that bike clean. Look for our cleaning recommendations here.


The fall is also a great time to look at a new bike. See current bike deals over in the outlet.

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