5 Pains a Custom Fit Bike Will Help You Avoid


Have you experienced knee pain, lower back pain, or hand numbness? Getting the right fit on your bike will be the difference between enjoying your ride or riding in pain. Getting the proper fitting bike will help you to ride longer and enjoy the ride.

Bike Fitting Measurements

Bike Fitting Measurements

Here are some pain points that can be avoided:

Knee Pain

Knee pain is usually associated with improper saddle height. If your saddle is too high you will usually feel the pain behind your knee and if your saddle is too low you will feel the pain in front of your knee.

Lower Back Pain

One of the causes of lower back pain while cycling is reaching too far too the handlebar. This forces your core to do more work to hold your body up. To help alleviate this you can use a shorter stem or a stem with more rise to it. You can also do core exercises to help with back pain.

Hand Numbness

Hand numbness might be from your hips being rotated too far forward, which will shift more weight to your hands. To fix this try to tilt the nose of your saddle a few degrees up.

How to Avoid Hand Numbness

How to Avoid Hand Numbness

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused by improper handlebar width. Handlebar width for fit is something that is most talked about with road bikes. With a road bike you will want your arms to reach straight out to grab the hoods. If a handlebar is too wide it can cause more strain on your shoulders.

Neck Pain

A sore neck can be caused from the drop from your saddle to handlebar being too large, causing you to strain your neck to look up. You can fix this by switching your stem to a more upright position or swap to a more upright stem. If you want an aggressive position you can do exercises to strengthen your neck to help alleviate the pain.

Pain in Your Wallet

A very large pain can come from getting a great deal on a bike that is the wrong size and thinking you can make a bike that is the wrong size fit your body. At Fezzari we go through our 23-Point Custom Setup on every bike to make sure you get the right fit for your bike. We also sell directly to the rider so you get a custom fit bike straight to your door at a great price.

  1. I am looking for wider carbon handlbars and stem for a 2007 nebo peak what options do you have there 31.8 or 35 stem diameter

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