5 Bike Checks For The New Year


It’s the new year and it’s a great time to perform a little maintenance on your bike to make sure it is in perfect shape. There are a few things that we take for granted on our bikes until it’s too late and we’re stranded out on the road or trail. Here are 5 things you should check on your bike for the new year to keep your bike running smooth.

Chain Wear

Chains have a considerable role in the performance of your drivetrain. The more you ride, the more your chain will wear out. A worn out chain can cause premature cog wear and your drivetrain may begin to skip gears. Here is an easy method for checking your chain wear:

Lift the chain off of the chainring: Shift your bike into the lowest cog then lift the chain off of the front ring. If you can lift the chain off of the ring far enough to see a substantial amount of light, it’s probably time to replace your chain.

Brand New ChainTubeless Sealant

Running your tires tubeless is the best, but they do require some maintenance from time to time. Depending on the heat and humidity of your local trails, we recommend checking your sealant levels every two-three months. You can do this by removing your tire and shaking it. If you hear sloshing of liquid, you are good to go. You can also pop the bead and see if the sealant has dried up. If the sealant has dried up, simply add a couple ounces of sealant and reinflate.

Brake Pad Wear

Nobody wants to be caught with limited braking power at the top of a 45 degree descent. For that reason, we recommend you check your brake pads every 6 months. You can either look directly down through the brake caliber or remove the tire. The brake pads should be atleast 3mm thick including the metal holders. If the brake pad is thinner than 3mm, it’s time for them to be replaced.

Look down at the brake caliper to roughly check the brake pad wear.

Look down at the brake caliper to roughly check the brake pad wear.

New vs. Old Brake Pads

New (Left) vs. Old (Right) Brake Pads

Bolt Torque

Bolts are extremely important to the integrity of your bike. Bolts should be checked regularly. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific torque measurements.

Tire Wear

Whether you are riding road or mountain, traction is essential.

If the tire has began to square off or if the knobs on the top of the tire are worn down, you may want to consider buying some new tires.

Worn out tires

Worn out tires. Knobs have been flattened in the center and worn down.

New tire with rounded profile and consistent tread.

New tire with rounded profile and consistent tread.

If you keep up with these 5 tips you’ll be well on your way to keeping your bike in the best shape for the new season.

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