Fezzari La Sal Peak Comp Named Best Long Travel Bike Under $4,000


Continuing accolades for the La Peak, Bike Magazine just named the La Sal Peak Comp the best enduro bike under $4,000. We appreciate this great recognition. It reflects on how we build all our bikes – to be best in class.

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Long (er) Travel: Best Carbon Mountain Bikes Under $4,000


An underdog not to be discounted.

Photo: Fezzari

We’ll put it this way–full carbon frame, Rockshox Lyrik RCT3, Super Deluxe RC3, NX Eagle drivetrain,  X-Fusion Manic dropper and the option for tubeless tires set up out of the box. All of this for $3,600–do we need to say any more?

We will say more, because there’s a heck of a lot of value packed into the La Sal Peak Comp. It’s the lowest build Fezzari offers, but that doesn’t mean you get a budget build. Far from it actually, as the La Sal Peak Comp comes with a parts spec we’d expect on a bike much more expensive than this. The suspension alone is worth it, let alone all the extra goodies you get. The carbon frame from Fezzari has internal cable routing to make life easier, as well as the option for frame protection installed from the factory and the ability to run 29×2.6 tires. As the cherry on top, Fezzari also uses a reduced offset fork (42 millimeters) in combination with slack geometry for improved handling. Slack, except for the 78-degree seat angle which we hope will become a new benchmark on bikes like this. This is a winning combo we’ve seen from certain other brands.

The best part? You can fit two water bottles in the front triangle.

Gear editor Travis Engel had a chance to ride the La Sal Peak this summer–see his impressions of the bike, and Fezzari as a company, here. And we included a slightly higher-end version in the 2019 Bible of Bike Tests. For more info, head to Fezzari’s website.

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