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Fezzari Wire Peak Pedal Assist Mountain Bike – “A Winning Formula”

MTBR gave a stellar review of the Fezzari Wire Peak pedal assist mountain bike. Here are a few highlights from the review.

Recipe For Success

“The Fezzari Wire Peak Elite sits in the middle ground between trail bike and enduro bike. The brilliance behind the nimble agility of the Fezzari Wire Peak Elite was the simple design choice to build the battery/motor system around a bike with fun geometry… the Wire Peak is just as active and easy to maneuver as a good non-motorized bike in the same travel class”

How To Buy

“Fezzari is a direct-to-consumer bike seller, which means no distributors or bike shops. The savings generated from shortening the chain translate into lower prices for the consumer and quicker product feedback to Fezzari. That feedback helps them make on the fly corrections and speeds up product design. One of the most intriguing and important points of service offered by Fezzari is their 23-point Custom Setup.”

Boxing Lessons

“I have received many demo bikes over the years and this is by far the best packing job I have observed… it took longer for me to carefully remove the protection bits than it did to assemble the bike.”

On the Trail 

Fezzari Wire Peak“One of the coolest features of pedal assist is the ability to throw in a pedal stroke or two to generate enough speed to hit that feature you were trying to decide if you should hit, but your indecision caused you to lose speed.”

[MTBR gave it the supreme compliment of not comparing the ride quality to other pedal assist bikes, but instead compared it to a great riding non-motorized bike.]

“My personal bike is size large Evil The Calling, a bike famous for being agile and fun to ride. There wasn’t one spot on any of the trails we rode that left me wishing I had brought the other bike. I’m not saying the Fezzari Wire Peak Elite is better or worse. I’m saying it was fun and did everything I wanted it to do and made me smile the entire way… feels very stable and well controlled… Fezzari’s estimate of 60 miles max range appears to be correct.”


“Simply put, the Wire Peak is damn fun and everyone who has pedaled it around a bit steps off with a huge grin and just stares at it muttering things like “that’s rad” or “holy crap that was fun.”


Read the full article here

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