Gender Specific Bikes? Nah, Person Specific Bikes


Does Fezzari offer Gender specific bikes? The answer is a resounding “No.” We offer person specific bikes. MTBR said the following:


“One of the most intriguing and important points of service offered by Fezzari is their 23-point Custom Setup. When you are ready to order a Fezzari bike, you can supply the salesperson with information that is specific to you including age, riding style, height, weight, inseam, arm length, torso length etc. This information helps Fezzari customize the bike specifically for you and the way you ride.


“As a certified mountain bike instructor I am constantly amazed when I see riders atop brand new ill-fitted bikes, especially women on “women’s specific” bikes. This quote from the Fezzari website sums up women’s bike fit perfectly in my mind.

What about Women’s Specific Bikes? We go way beyond a generic woman’s fit to a person-specific fit. Each person has a different size hand, inseam, torso, etc., than someone else. We will fit the bike to you, not to a generic hypothetical woman… We at Fezzari believe every bike should fit you specifically. That’s why we offer Person-Specific Sizing. Yes, we know the general assumptions that women like shorter reaches to the handlebars, or softer rides, for example. But instead of generalizing, we get specific sizing data from you (not women in general) and then build the bike to fit you.

If you already know what you want down to seat post and stem length then you can skip the 23-Point Custom Setup and place your order. I choose to supply the Fezzari Team with my body dimensions, ride style, and even sent them a few YouTube videos of trails that I ride frequently. After reviewing the information they offered their suggestions and I agreed with their recommendations so I placed my order. A week later my bike was in my garage.”

Read the Full Article here.

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