Signal Peak Conquers Cape Epic


Fezzari Signal Peak Conquers Cape Epic

The Tour de France of mountain biking! Rugged mountain trails, harsh windswept gravel roads and unforgiving sand stretched across 387 miles with 54,626 feet of climbing is what the Cape Epic racers had to face. With so many factors pushing against the competitors even completing this multi day race is an incredible feat. The race was founded in 2004 with a focus on showcasing the diverse landscapes that South Africa has to offer along with testing the mental, and physical capacities of its participants.

There are a couple different racer categories dependent on age and gender but the rules remain the same, two person teams competing on one of the most brutal mountain bike races in the world. The team concept was developed because stage style racing often takes participants to very remote areas, and having a partner serves as a great safety function. The partnership must remain within two minutes of each other during the entirety of the race, this rule is enforced with periodic checkpoints clocking in partnerships. Violations of the rules result in time penalties, or if persistent, disqualification from the race. The race focuses on pushing the human capabilities along with being able to appreciate the beauty that the west cape of South Africa has to offer.

The Right Bike for the Job

When James introduced us to the challenges that the Cape Epic had in store, we were thrilled to equip him with the perfect bike for the job. The Signal Peak was designed specifically for this race and the industry reviews speak volumes about its already proven capabilities. With such a long and unforgiving race, we knew that the full carbon frame engineered to decrease weight and increase velocity makes this bike powerful yet lightweight. Couple that with compliance where you want it and stiffness where you need it, the Signal Peak is built to transfer power to the wheels, crank, and nowhere else. These would be invaluable factors to take into consideration for the long and strenuous challenge that awaited him. James had this to say about the Signal Peak once the race was completed, “Best bike I’ve ever ridden. Navigated the tough terrain over eight days with ease.”.

After the long strenuous journey James was able to successfully complete the Cape Epic race and was thrilled with his experience. He said, “The race was incredibly challenging but I loved every second of it. Mountain bikers are a different breed.” The race had its ups and downs and we were able to follow along via James’ (@ironcowboyjames) social media where he gave frequent updates on different stages and the challenges that they posed. When it was all said and done and the dust had settled, we were proud to see the Signal Peak withstand such an incredible challenge and to participate in such a prestigious race.Cape Epic_38

Cape EPic 2

Cape Epic_4

Learn more about the details of the race here.

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